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Major Energy Producing States Have Fared Better During Recovery

Ben Gitis, Andy Winkler, Gordon Gray, Catrina Rorke
October 22, 2014

The economic recovery from the recession has been mediocre overall.

CMS is at it Again….Increasing Rx Costs for Seniors

Doug Holtz-Eakin and Angela Boothe
October 23, 2014

Despite the public outcry last spring, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) has once again issued guidance that could create serious risks in the Medicare Part D prescript

The Keystone Delay is Costing us More than Jobs and Revenues

Catrina Rorke
August 6, 2014

While the economic costs of the Keystone XL Pipeline delay are well documented, environmental and human impacts are also accumulating.

The Future of America's Entitlements: What You Need to Know About the Medicare Trustees Report

Douglas Holtz-Eakin, Gordon Gray, Conor Ryan
July 31, 2014
Medicare and Social Security are (still) going bankrupt.

President’s Regulatory Record in the Courts

Sam Batkins
August 21, 2012

President Obama and his Administration have published more than $500 billion in regulatory burdens. Judges across the ideological spectrum have invalidated many of these rules and actions.

Primer: Recovery Audit Contractor Program and the “Two Midnight” Rule

Emily Egan
December 12, 2013

The Recovery Audit (RA) Program exists to detect and correct improper claims to the Medicare program.

The Economic Impact of the Medical Device Excise Tax

Michael Ramlet, Robert Book, and Han Zhong
June 4, 2012

In this document from Operation Healthcare Choice, the authors write that the Medical Device Excise Tax (“device tax”) is a tax on all medical devices sold in the United State

Cost Shifting Debt Reduction to America’s Seniors: Medicare Part D Rebates Would Dramatically Increase Drug Premiums

Douglas Holtz-Eakin and Michael Ramlet
July 21, 2011

Congress is considering changes to the Medicare prescription drug program, known as Part D, which created a competitive market for prescription drug plans and has proven to be a dramatic success in

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