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Don't Ask, Don't Tell

Joseph Antos
March 1, 2004

The dispute continues in Washington regarding the costs of the recently enacted Medicare reform bill.  The Bush administration now estimates that the program will cost  more t

The Grim Economics of Pharmaceutical Importation

John E. Calfee
November 1, 2003

In this policy and report from AEI, the author claims that political pressure has been mounting to give Americans access to prescription drugs from price-controlled nations, yet any legislatio

No Way Back: Why Air Pollution Will Continue to Decline

Joel Schwartz
August 1, 2003

This publication, a project of the National Research initiative, points out the verifiable truth that air quality has improved in the U.S.

States' Rights on Steroids

Michael S. Greve
October 1, 2002

Author Michael S.

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