American Legislative Exchange Council

Resolution on Antitrust Reform

September 22, 1999

In this model legislation, ALEC proposes, a Resolution on Antitrust Reform opposes changes to the federal antitrust laws that would preempt state laws relating to prohibitions of physicia

The Future of Health Care Public Policy

Richard Teske
May 22, 1999

In this 1999 document, the author writes that the following essay represents a discussion of the future themes facing policy makers, especially in the health care arena.

State Risk Pools: Playing a Key Role in Private-Sector Health Reform

January 20, 1996

In this model legislation the purpose of the model bill is to establish a mechanism through which adequate levels of health insurance coverage can be made available to residents of t

Patient Protection Laws and Mandated Health Benefits at the State Level

Conrad F. Meier
December 1, 1998

In summary, the author writes;

Model Bill: Medical Savings Accounts

January 9, 1999

This model bill describes the various ways MSA's may be used.  It details the account, and how it may be transerred upon life change, and whether it may or not be taxed.  

Insurance Pool Act

September 12, 1999

This model legislation provides language for an health care pool.  The language allows for some modification.  

Resolution Supporting the Private Ownership of Property

September 11, 1999

This ALEC model piece of legislation/resolution seeks to protect the rights of property and liberty, stating that, "Whereas, the Founding Fathers of our nation undersood that the rights to own prop

The Health Insurance Reform Act for Individual Coverage

January 9, 2001

In this model legislation, the bill's purpose is, 

AIDS Prevention Education Act

December 14, 2000

This sample bill would provide school districts with adequately trained instructors to educate the students about the most accurate and up-to-date information on AIDS prevention.

Health Insurance Reform Act for Small Business Coverage

August 12, 1999

In this model legislation for small business, the bill's aim is to, 

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