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Revenue Sharing Reform: On the Road to Ohio’s Recovery

September 4, 2014

This report studies the balance sheets of Ohio local governments, attempting to quantify the effects of cuts to state "revenue sharing" programs enacted in 2011.

Medicaid: Waivers Are Temporary, Expansion Is Forever

Robert Alt and Nathaniel Stewart
August 26, 2013

In this document produced by both the Machinac Center, and the Buckeye Institute, the authors argue that state lawmakers in Michigan, Ohio and numerous other states continue to debate whether to op

Interested Party Testimony on Municipal Tax Reform Before the Ways and Means Committee Ohio House of Representatives

Greg R. Lawson
May 8, 2013

First, Ohio’s tax burden is too high to keep us competitive in the global economy, but it’s not just our state taxes that are a problem.  Local taxes are just as bad or worse.  According

Reforming Medicaid In Ohio: A Framework for Using Consumer Choice and Competition to Spur Improved Outcomes

Michael T. Bond, John C. Goodman, and Ronald L. Lindsey
March 1, 2003

Ohio’s spending on health care for low-income families, the disabled, and the elderly is enormously expensive.

Taking the CON Out of Health Care Costs

Robert A. Lawson
January 4, 2001

In this executive summary from Heartand from the Buckeye Institute, Robert Lawson asks us to suppose an Ohio hospital wants to purchase a new magnetic resonance imagin (MRI) machine or wants to add

Private Health Care Accounts Control Costs and Expand Choices

Michael Bond
August 8, 1995

In this Perspective, Michael Bond writes that more than 1,300 companies nationwide have adopted Medical Saving Accounts (MSAs) to help employees cover healthcare expenses.

Mental Health Mandates in Ohio and Beyond

James A. Damask
July 1, 1999

State legislatures, including Ohio's, have increasingly sought to regulate health care, especially with respect to mental health benefits following the passage of the federal Mental Health Parity A

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