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The Grass Is Not Always Greener: A Look at National Health Care Systems Around the World

Michael D. Tanner
March 18, 2008

In this Policy Analysis, the author notes that critics of the U.S. health care system frequently point to other countries as models for reform.

Organ Sales and Moral Travails: Lessons from the Living Kidney Vendor Program in Iran

Benjamin E. Hippen
March 20, 2008

Kidney transplantation in the United States is burdened by a terrible policy failure.

Markets vs. Monopolies in Education: A Global Review of the Evidence

Andrew J. Coulson
September 10, 2008

In this Policy AnalysisWould large-scale, free-market reforms improve educational outcomes for American children? That question cannot be answered by looking at domestic evidence alone.

A Critique of the National Popular Vote

John Samples
October 13, 2008

In this Policy Analysis, John Samples contends that the National Popular Vote plan (NPV), introduced in more than 40 states, and adopted by 4, proposes an interstate compact to bring about di

A Federal Renewable Electricity Requirement

Robert J. Michaels
January 1, 2008

In this Policy Analysis, rising energy prices and climate change have changed both the economics and politics of electricity.

The Case against Government Intervention in Energy Markets

Richard L. Gordon
December 1, 2008

In this Policy Analysis, the argument is made that many politicians and pundits are panicked over the existing state of the oil and gasoline markets.

Unbearable Burden? Living and Paying Student Loans as a First-Year Teacher

Neal McCluskey
December 15, 2008

In this Policy Analysis, McCluskey contends that it is widely believed that starting public school teacher salaries are too low, and student loan burdens are too high.

CBO Dynamically Scores Immigration Bill

Alex Nowrasteh
June 19, 2013

In this CATO at Liberty, the author comments on the newly released draft of S. 744 as scored by the CBO.

Restriction or Legalization? Measuring the Economic Benefits of Immigration Reform

Peter B. Dixon and Maureen T. Rimmer
August 13, 2009

In this CATO Trade Policy Analysis, Peter B. Dixon and Maureen T. Rimmer contend that the latest estimates, 8.3 million workers in the United States are illegal immigrants.

A Matter of Trust: Why Congress Should Turn Federal Lands into Fiduciary Trusts

Randal O'Toole
January 15, 2009

In this Policy Analysis, O'Toole writes that the Forest Service, Bureau of Land Management (BLM), National Park Service, and Fish and Wildlife Service collectively manage over a quarter of the land

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