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Yes, Mr. President: A Free Market Can Fix Health Care

October 21, 2009

In this Policy Analysis on free market health care options, Cannon writes that in March 2009, President Barack Obama said,

Fairness 2.0: Media Content Regulation in the 21st Century

Robert Corn-Revere
November 10, 2009

In this CATO Policy Analysis, Con-Revere contends that civil libertarians feared that a change of administrations would herald a revived Fairness Doctrine, a policy that previously permitted the go

Attack of the Utility Monsters: The New Threats to Free Speech

Jason Kuznicki
November 16, 2009

In this Policy Analysis, freedom of expression is under threat. Challenges to it are coming from all corners of society.

The Myth of the Compact City: Why Compact Development Is Not the Way to Reduce Carbon Dioxide Emissions

Randal O’Toole
November 18, 2009

In this Policy Analysis from transit expert Randal O'Toole, proponents of compact development argue that rebuilding American urban areas to higher densities is vital for reducing greenhouse gas emi

Bending the Productivity Curve: Why America Leads the World in Medical Innovation

Glen Whitman and Raymond Raad
January 18, 2009

In this Policy Anaysis published by CATO, the authors assert that health care issues—controll

Three Decades of Politics and Failed Policies at HUD

Tad DeHaven
November 23, 2009

In this Policy Analysis, Dehaven contends that the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development has long been plagued by scandals, mismanagement, and policy failures.

Obama’s Prescription for Low-Wage Workers: High Implicit Taxes, Higher Premiums

January 13, 2010

In this Policy Analysis, Cannon writes that House and Senate Democrats have produced health care legislation whose mandates, subsidies, tax penalties, and health insurance regulations would pe

The Massachusetts Health Plan: Much Pain, Little Gain

Aaron Yelowitz and Michael F. Cannon
January 19, 2010

In this Policy Analysis, the authors account for the 2006 Massachusetts health insurance law

The Libertarian Vote in the Age of Obama

David Kirby and David Boaz
January 21, 2010

In this Policy Analysis addressing the state of libertarianism in the age of Obama, the authors analyze the fiscally conservative, socially liberal voters and how they are torn between their a

Lawless Policy: TARP as Congressional Failure

John Samples
February 4, 2010

In this CATO Policy Analysis, Samples contends that the U.S. Constitution vests all the “legislative powers” it grants in Congress.

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