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Fixing Transit: The Case for Privatization

Randal O'Toole
November 10, 2010

In this Policy Analysis for CATO, transit expert Randall O'Toole argues that America’s experiment with government ownership of urban transit systems has proven to be a disaster.

Reputation under Regulation: The Fair Credit Reporting Act at 40 and Lessons for the Internet Privacy Debate

Jim Harper
December 8, 2011

More than 40 years ago, Sen. William Proxmire (D-WI) guided the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) through Congress, seeking to improve the operations of the credit reporting industry.

Social Security, Ponzi Schemes, and the Need for Reform

Michael D. Tanner
November 17, 2011

In this Policy Analysis, Tanner wades into the debate over whether Social Security is or is n

Undermining Mexico’s Dangerous Drug Cartels

Ted Galen Carpenter
November 15, 2011

This Policy Analysis takes an international look at the war on drugs and cartels.

Congress Surrenders the War Powers: Libya, the United Nations, and the Constitution

John Samples
January 27, 2011

In this Policy Analysis, Samples examines the War Powers and its application to Libya and the

How Much Ivory Does This Tower Need? What We Spend on, and Get from, Higher Education

Neal McCluskey
October 27, 2011

In this Policy Analysis, McCluskey challenges the oft held opinion that the American Ivory Tower is strapped for cash and taxpayers are to blame.

Could Mandatory Caps on Medical Malpractice Damages Harm Consumers?

Shirley Svorny
October 20, 2011

In this Policy Analysis, Svorny states that supporters of capping court awards for medical malpractice argue that caps will make health care more affordable. But, will it?

The Gulf Oil Spill: Lessons for Public Policy

Richard L. Gordon
October 6, 2011

In this Policy Analysis from CATO, Gordon analyzes the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico as it brought to the fore some longstanding problems associated with the regulation of commercial activities o

Cigarette Taxes, Black Markets, and Crime: Lessons from New York’s 50-Year Losing Battle

Patrick Fleenor
February 6, 2003

As large state government budget gaps have opened in the past year, lawmakers across the country are turning to cigarette taxes for added revenue.

Abolish the Department of Homeland Security

David Rittgers
September 8, 2011

In this Policy Analysis from CATO, Rittgers examines the effectiveness of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS).

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