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The Gulf Oil Spill: Lessons for Public Policy

Richard L. Gordon
October 6, 2011

In this Policy Analysis from CATO, Gordon analyzes the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico as it brought to the fore some longstanding problems associated with the regulation of commercial activities o

Cigarette Taxes, Black Markets, and Crime: Lessons from New York’s 50-Year Losing Battle

Patrick Fleenor
February 6, 2003

As large state government budget gaps have opened in the past year, lawmakers across the country are turning to cigarette taxes for added revenue.

Abolish the Department of Homeland Security

David Rittgers
September 8, 2011

In this Policy Analysis from CATO, Rittgers examines the effectiveness of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS).

Intercity Buses: The Forgotten Mode

Randal O’Toole
June 29, 2011

In this CATO Policy Analysis, O'Toole examines President Obama’s expensive high-speed rail program in the form of the resurrection of intercity buses.

The Subprime Lending Debacle: Competitive Private Markets Are the Solution, Not the Problem

Patric H. Hendershott and Kevin Villani
June 20, 2011

The authors contend in this Policy Analysis that the United States’ market government hybrid mortgage system is unique in the world.

Federal Higher Education Policy and the Profitable Nonprofits

Vance Fried
June 15, 2011

In this Policy Analysis, Vance Fried states that undergraduate education is a highly profitable business for nonprofit colleges and universities.

Leashing the Surveillance State: How to Reform Patriot Act Surveillance Authorities

Julian Sanchez
May 16, 2011

CATO research fellow Julian Sanchez writes in this Policy Analysis about the temporary extension of three controversial surveillance provisions of the Patriot Act and successor legislation, which h

Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, and the Future of Federal Housing Finance Policy: A Study of Regulatory Privilege

David Reiss
April 18, 2011

The federal government recently placed Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, the government- chartered, privately owned mortgage finance companies, in conservatorship.

The Case for Gridlock

Marcus E. Ethridge
January 27, 2011

In this CATO Policy Analysis, Ethridge argues that President Obama proclaimed after the 2010 midterms that voters did not give a mandate to gridlock.

Marriage against the State: Toward a New View of Civil Marriage

Jason Kuznicki
January 12, 2011
In this Policy Analysis, Jason Kuzinski tackles the social issue of marriage and the government's entanglement in the institution.
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