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Publication Practices for Transparent Government

Jim Harper
September 23, 2011

Government transparency is a widely agreed upon goal, but progress on achieving it has been very limited.

State Income Taxes and Economic Growth

Barry W. Poulson and Jules Gordon Kaplan
January 1, 2008

This article explores the impact of tax policy on economic growth in the states within the framework of an endogenous growth model.

The Negative Effects of Minimum Wage Laws

Mark Wilson
June 21, 2012

The federal government has imposed a minimum wage since 1938, and nearly all the states impose their own minimum wages. These laws prevent employers from paying wages below a mandated level.

A Rational Response to the Privacy ‘Crisis’

Larry Downes
January 7, 2013

What passes today as a “debate” over privacy lacks agreed-upon terms of reference, rational arguments, or concrete goals.

Humanity Unbound: How Fossil Fuels Saved Humanity from Nature and Nature from Humanity

December 19, 2012

Nothing can be made, transported, or used without energy, and fossil fuels provide 80 percent of mankind’s energy and 60 percent of its food and clothing.

Grading the Government’s Data Publication Practices

Jim Harper
November 5, 2012

Barack Obama promised transparency and open government when he campaigned for president in 2008, and he took office aiming to deliver it.

Cutting the Effective Corporate Tax Rate

Jack M. Mintz
October 1, 2008

With credit markets in disarray and the United States facing a possible recession, Americans are looking closely at the economic proposals of the presidential candidates.

High-Speed Rail: The Wrong Road for America

Randal O’Toole
October 31, 2008

Transit expert, Randal O'Toole contends in this Policy Analysis that In the face of high energy prices and concerns about global warming, environmentalists and planners offer high-spe

Crony Capitalism and Social Engineering: The Case against Tax-Increment Financing

Randal O’Toole
May 18, 2011

Tax-increment financing (TIF) is an increasingly popular way for cities to promote economic development.

Would a Financial Transaction Tax Affect Financial Market Activity? Insights from Futures Markets

George H. K. Wang and Jot Yau
July 9, 2012

In the wake of the recent financial crisis, several commentators have suggested a transaction tax on financial markets.

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