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State Strategies to Reduce the Growing Numbers of Uninsured

Frank A. Sloan et al.
January 1, 1999

This article in Regulation magazine addresses the growing list of people who have no health insurance coverage. Of the developed nations, the U.S.

Health Insurance Portability: The Consequences of COBRA

Brigitte C. Madrian
September 12, 1999

In this article in Regulation, Brigitte Madrian writes that the Clinton Administration and Congress failed attempt at fundnmeotai health care reform in 1993 has been a series of incre

The Wrong and Right Ways to Reform Medicare

Doug Bandow and Michael C. Tanner
August 1, 1995

Author's Doug Bandow and Michael C. Tanner discuss Medicare and the financial strain it is placing upon the country thereby calling for reform.  They write;

Replace FDA Regulation of Medical Devices with Third-Party Certification

Noel D. Campbell
November 12, 1997

In this report author Noel D.

The Next Steps for Medicare Reform

Peter J. Ferrara
April 29, 1998

In his executive summary, author Peter J. Ferrara states:

Medical Savings Accounts: Answering the Critics

Michael Tanner
January 6, 2001

in this policy fax 7 policy analysis, despite the defeat of the Clinton health care plan, the need for significant health care reform remains. Health care continues to cost too much.

Wrecking Ball: FDA Regulation of Medical Devices

October 8, 1995

In this excutive summary faxed by Heartland, Robert Higgs notes that since World War II medical devices have become increasingly important in the practice of medicine for diagnosis, monitoring, and

The Medical Monopoly: Protecting Consumers or Limiting Competition?

Sue A. Blevins
January 9, 1996

In this policy fax and executive summary, Sue Bevins writes that, 

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