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Three Myths about VoteTurnout in the United States

John Samples
September 14, 2004

In this Policy Analysis, John Samples examines voter turnout and elections.  He asserts that critics of American politics and elections often focus on low voter turnout in the United States.

Is There A Biomedical Anticommons?

Richard A. Epstein and Bruce N. Kuhlik
June 1, 2004

This essay in CATO's Regulation magazine investigates patent law of whether patent protection could deter biomedical research.

Understanding Privacy--and the Real Threats To It

Jim Harper
August 4, 2004

In this Policy Analysis, the author writes that properly defined, privacy is the subjective condition people experience when they have power to control information about themselves.

Drug Reimportation: The Free Market Solution

Roger Pilon
August 4, 2004

In this Policy Analysis, Roger Pilon writes that as pharmaceuticals play a growing role in medical practice, drug prices in America soar far beyond prices in the rest of the world.

Deficits, Interest Rates, and Taxes: Myths and Realities

Alan Reynolds
June 29, 2004

In this Policy Analysis, the author argues that the federal government’s swing from budget surpluses to budget deficits has raised concerns about possible negative economic effects.

A Lesson In Waste: Where Does All The Federal Education Money Go?

Neal McCluskey
July 7, 2004

In this Policy Analysis, Neal McCluskey writes that since the 1965 passage of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act, which concentrated unprecedented authority over American education in the h

We Told You So

Jim Johnston
July 1, 1995

With extravagant claims and great fanfare, the acid-rain pollution-trading system was installad with the 1990 Clean Air Act Amendments.

Behind the Malpractice Crisis: Why Doctors Are Quitting Medical Practice

Alex Adrianson
June 1, 2003

This article in Consumers' Research notes that doctors are quitting and hospitals are cutting services because the liability insurance is too expensive.

The Competitive Revolution

H. E. Frech III
July 1, 2002

In this article in Regulation, Frech writes that competition in health care helps, rather than harms the industry.

The Futility of Medical Necessity

E. Haavi Morreim
August 9, 2001

In this article in Regulation, this single article cannot begin to explore the causal lattice work behind all of the disenchanting changes in the American health care system.

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