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Do Single-Family Homes Threaten the Planet?

Randal O'Toole and Damien M. Schiff
November 19, 2013
In this post at CATO, the authors wrtie in an article that also appeared in the Washington Times&n

The Fourth Obamacare Shock Wave Is about to Reach Us

Jim Powell
November 13, 2013

In an article that appeared in on November 13, 2013, jim Powell writes that  Ob

The Impact of Charter Schools on Public and Private School Enrollments

Richard Buddin
August 28, 2012

in this Policy Analysis from CATO, Richard Buddin writes that charter schools are publicly funded schools that have considerable independence from public school districts in their curriculum develo

Obama’s ‘Social Cost of Carbon’ Is at Odds with Science

Paul C. "Chip" Knappenberger
October 28, 2013

In this article that also appeared on Investor’s Business Daily (Online) on October 28, 2013, Chip

Reducing Livability: How Sustainability Planning Threatens the American Dream

Randal O’Toole
October 28, 2013

In this policy report at CATO, Randal O'Toole writs that, 

Electronic Cigarettes at a Regulatory Crossroads

Thomas Hemphill
September 1, 2013

The article focuses on the initiatives taken by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to institute regulatory mechanisms for all tobacco products in the country.

Increasing Taxes for Mass Transit Would Hurt Central Indiana

Randal O'Toole
October 18, 2013

In an article that also appeared in the Indianapolis Star on October 18, 2013, Randal O'Toole brings his expertise to the transit is

Five Lessons from the Shutdown

Daniel J. Mitchell
October 21, 2013

In this article appeared in the National Interest (Online) on October 21, 2013, the author asser

Save the Knives for ObamaCare: Four Ways to Actually Defund the ACA

Michael F. Cannon
October 18, 2013

In this article by Michael Cannon that also appeared in Forbes on October 18, 2013, that t

Luxury Mobile-Home Parks Don’t Need Rent Control

Ilya Shapiro
October 7, 2013

In this posting at CATO @ Liberty, the author writes that Contempo Marin isn’t your stereotypical mobile-home park.

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