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Obamacare’s Exchanges: So Crowded, No One Goes There Anymore

Michael F. Cannon
October 2, 2013

These videos and news stories account for the trouble of signing up for Obamacare on the first day:


Shutdown Could Shut Down Waste

Chris Edwards
October 2, 2013

Chris Edwards posts at CATO @ Liberty that 

Obamacare Launch Will be Ugly

Michael Tanner
September 30, 2013

In this posting at CATO as a commentary, and that also article appeared in the New York Post on September

Protecting the Rights of Workers Against Forced Association

Trevor Burrus
October 1, 2013

In this post at CATO @ Liberty, Trevor Burrus writes about labor unions and forced associations.  He asserts that, 

Prevailing Wage Laws: Public Interest or Special Interest Legislation?

George C. Leef
April 1, 2010

The public policy of the United States is broadly in favor of competition.

Energy Conservation Program for Consumer Products: Landmark Legal Foundation; Petition for Reconsideration

Patrick J. Michaels and Paul C. Knappenberger
September 13, 2013

In this CATO report, the authors state that the Petition for Reconsideration of the final rule of Energy Conservation Standards for Standby Mode and Off Mode for Microwave Ovens, Docket No.

The Case for Simple Rules and Limiting the Safety Net

Thomas Hoenig
September 6, 2013

In this essay in the CATO Journal, thomas Hoenig writes that for the last 100 years, government officials and bank CEOs have insisted that new policies, rules, and laws—combined with great

Balance Sheet Crises: Causes, Consequences, and Responses

Steven Gjerstad and Vernon L. Smith
September 6, 2013

In this essay in the CATO Journal, the authors argue that the balance sheet crises, in which the prices of widely held and highly leveraged assets collapse, pose distinctive economic challenges.

Avoiding the Next Crisis: Can Central Banks Learn?

Robert L. Hetzel
September 6, 2013

In this essay published in the CATO Journal, Robert Hetzel writes that any effort to avoid future recessions must rest on an organized way to learn from the past.

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