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Gore Bangs Wornout Drum

Conrad Meier
February 1, 2003

Heartland in Print

Tribune-Review/News Record
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
December 2, 2002
circ. 116,346

Heartland's Health Care Issue Suite

Conrad F. Meier
September 1, 2002

Clintons Ride Out on the Horse They Came in on

Conrad Meier
May 5, 1998

In this document for Heartland, Conrad Meier asserts that as the Clintons ride out of the oval office, they leave, among other things, a federal bureaucracy in control of 42 percent of all hea

Health Insurance Meltdown in Washington State

Conrad Meier
December 1, 1999

In this white paper, Conrad Meier asserts that President Clinton claims the rising number of uninsured Americans is due to Congress' failure to pass his plan for nationalizing health care

Long-Term Care or Long-Term Dependency?

Conrad Meier
March 7, 2001

In this document, Conrad Meier writes that society has changed significantly on the road to the 21st century. We are a nation of scattered families with many disconnected family ties.

Harry Potter and The Dragon of Health Care

Conrad F. Meier
January 1, 2001

This spoof on the Harry Potter series has a serious point:

How to Implement Kassebaum-Kennedy (part 2)

Conrad F. Meier
March 19, 1997

In this document, Conrad Meier asserts that some one thousand state laws mandating insurance coverage of specific conditions are in place today, costing health care consumers an&nbsp

How to Implement Kassebaum-Kennedy (part 1)

Conrad F. Meier
March 25, 1997

In this document, Conrad Meier writes that changes are being made to the national health insurance market that will have farreaching consequences for the cost and quality of health care in the

Wrong Prescription for What Ails Us

Conrad F. Meier
April 1, 1996

In this article, author Conrad F.

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