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Top Ten Ways to Fix America's Health Insurance Market: Summary

James Frogue
February 16, 2001

Congress and the Bush Administration must work together to ensure equity in the tax code for those who do not have access to employer-based coverage.

Why the Texas HMO Liability Law is Not a Proven Model for Congress

James R. Frogue
March 1, 2000

In this article, author James R.

Designing a Targeted Drug Benefit for America's Seniors

James Frogue
April 17, 2000

In this Executive Memorandum, James Frogue contends that  Congress is now debating how to give a prescription drug benefit to Medicare patients.

Lessons from Tennessee's Failed Health Care Reform (summary)

Merrill Matthews, Jr.
April 1, 2000

In this article, author Merrill Matthews, Jr. writes;

Lessons from Tennessee's Failed Health Care Reform

Merrill Matthews, Jr.
April 7, 2000

Since its inception as a model for health insurance reform at the state level, TennCare has encountered problems related to costs, fraud and quality of care.  True, the state of Te

How to Cope With the Coming Crisis in Long Term Care

Robert Moffit, Richard Teske, and Stephen Moses
April 27, 2000

In the introduction of this 20 page article, Robert Moffit writes;

Congress Should End Confusion Over Medicare Private Contracting (summary)

Robert E. Moffit, Ph.D.
February 18, 2000
As a result of a provision in

Patient's Bill of Rights: Prescription for Massive Regulation (summary)

John S. Hoff
February 29, 2000

This article addresses the Patient's Bill of Rights currently in legislation by a House-Senate conference committee and the expansion of government control over the delivery of health care and its

Flawed Federal Land Use Report

Wendell Cox and Ronald Utt
May 8, 2000

Urging caution as a result of the skewed 2000 census, the authors argue that the federal government's land use program to preserve open space and combat "sprawl" is misguided at best.

Principled Mental Health System Reform

Timothy A. Kelly
January 7, 2000

in this Backgrounder, Timothy Kelly writes that an estimated 5.6 million Americans suffer from severe mental illness.

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