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How Washington Can Improve Health Care Coverage for Federal Workers and Their Families

Robert E. Moffir, Ph.D.
November 19, 2001

This article by Robert Moffir discusses ways that the Federal government can improve in their health care coverage for their employees.  He writes;

Keeping an Open mind on Patient Freedom During the House Debate on the Patients Bill of Rights

Robert E. Morffit
October 22, 2001

With a last-minute agreement between President Bush and Congressman Charles Norwood (R-GA), one of the lead sponsors of the patients bill of rights legislation, the House of Representat

Why Federal Unions and Menbers of Congress Want to Escape the Patients

Robert E. Moffit Ph. D.
July 23, 2001

Members of Congress and representatives of federal employee organizations are trying to get out from under the “patients bill of rights” legislation.

Beware of Medicare: Why Tax Cuts Are No Threat To Medicare

Robert E. Moffit, Ph,D. and D. Mark Wilson
May 1, 2001

In this Backgrounder, the authors write that the arcane character and complexity of Medicare’s financing formulas as well as the federal budget make it easy for opponents of the Pres

Overhauling Medicare: What It Will Take to Attract Private Providers

J. Frogue, R. Smith, A. Fox , J. Stokes Trautwein and V. Craig Bunce
May 18, 2001

In this article, the authors' review and discuss various ways to attract private providers to participate in reforming the Medicare system.

Buyer Beware: The Failure of Single-Payer Health Care

James Frouge, David Gratzer, M.D. , Timothy Evans, Richard Teske
May 1, 2001

In this article, the authors' discuss single-payer health insurance and it's failings.  James Frouge begins by stating,

Why Price Controls on Prescription Drugs Would Harm Seniors

James Frogue
May 4, 1999

In this article, author James Frogue explains why the assumption that price controls on prescription drugs for senior citizens and medicare beneficiaries in an attempt to lower drug prices without

Using the Breaux-Frist Medicare Proposals to Craft Solid Medicare Reform

Robert E. Moffit, Ph.D.
March 1, 2001

In this Backgrounder, the author notes that Senators John Breaux (D-LA) and Bill Frist (RTN) have introduced two Medicare reform bills that are refreshing examples of bipartisanship on&nb

Vermont's Plan To Control Drug Prices For Seniors: A Bad Prescription

James Frogue
April 12, 2001

States that are considering ways to improve seniors' access to prescription drugs should not be quick to follow Vermont's lead.

How Health Care Tax Credits for Families Would Supplement Employment-Based Coverage. Summary

Stuart M. Butler, Ph. D.
March 16, 2001

In this Heritage Foundation Backgrounder, the author examines a number of legislative proposals on Capitol Hill and how they would provide uninsured workers with a tax credit to help

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