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Uninsured Rates Rise Dramatically in States with Strictest Health Insurance Regulations (summary)

Melinda L. Schriver and Grace-Marie Arnett
August 14, 1998

In this article, the authors discuss 16 states who, between 1990 and 1994, passed aggressive laws mandating that health insurance be accessible by increasing the availability to their uninsured res

Building Bureaucracy and Invading Patient Privacy: Maryland's Health Care Regulations

Dale Snyder
April 1, 1998

In this article, author Dale Snyder discusses the serious problems the state of Maryland face when it comes to increasing costs, more uninsured and less control for medical professionals due to con

How Congress Can Restore the Freedom of Senior Citizens to Make Private Agreements with Their Doctors

Robert E. Moffit
August 3, 1998

Senior citizens and their physicians in the United States have less personal freedom to engage in private contractual relationships than their counterparts enrolled in the British Natio

What HCFA Won't Tell You About Kidcare: Dangers and Opportunities for States

November 1, 1997

In summary, this is a transcript of a question and answer forum hosted by the Heritage Foundation.

Lessons on Reforming Health Care at the State Level

Charles Baker
February 6, 1996

This Heritage Foundation lecture by Charles Baker looks at various state proposals at health care reform.

Time is Running Out for Medicare Reform

Stuart M. Butler
April 30, 1997

In this Backgrounder, Stuart Butler argues that the Hospital Insurance (HI) Trust Fund, also known as Part A, literally will run out of money within about 48 months, early in 2001.

Health Care Reform in Maine: Reversing “Obamacare Lite”

Tarren Bragdon and Joel Allumbaugh
July 19, 2011

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