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Union Power and the Education of Children

Terry Moe
August 1, 2008

In this excerpt from Stanford University Press’s Collective Bargaining in Education, Hoover Institution research fellow Terry Moe explains why the power of teachers unions is, in many ways

Cost Shifting in California Hospitals: What Is the Effect on Private Payers?

Daniel P. Kessler
June 6, 2007

The extent to which health care providers cost shift -- increase the price or markup charged to one group of patients in response to a decrease in another group's price or markup -- has

The High Price of Cheap Drugs

Russell Roberts
June 1, 2004

The lure of an alleged free lunch can be irresistible.  Even a lunch at reduced prices is hard to ignore.  This human desire for a bargain is part of America's persistent inte

Why Medical Ethics Matter

Philip R. Alper
April 1, 2004

"The potential of the physician to do great harm (as well as great good) has been recognized since ancient times.  In addition, the susceptibility of the physician to dangerous mor

Health, Wealthy, and Wise

John F. Cogan, R. Glenn Hubbard, and Daniel P. Kessler
May 4, 2004

After a century of U.S.

Patent Falsehoods

Carol Adelman and Jeremiah Norris
April 1, 2003

In this article in the Hoover Institution's American Outlook journal, the authors write that it is often argued that patent laws inhibit drug inventions and their distribution.

How to Cure Health Care

Milton Friedman
August 20, 2001

In this pamphlet, renowned scholar Milton Friedman asserts that the United States spends a mind-boggling percentage of its GDP on a health care system that virtually everyone agrees is a disaster.&

Death by Dietary Supplement

Henry I. Miller and David Longtin
August 1, 2000

In this article, the author looks at the dietary supplements and it's non-regulation by the FDA, in it he writes;

Private Prescriptions for Children's Health

Kristine Napier
October 1, 1997
In this article for the Hoover Institution's Policy Review, Napier addresses health care for children.
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