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Carve the Medicaid Turkey: State Should Eliminate County Share of Medicaid in Five Years

Joseph Coletti
November 21, 2005

North Carolina is the only state in which counties pay a fixed percentage of Medicaid costs.  Counties have no control over how they spend up to 15 percent of their general fund bu

State Environmental Regulators On The Hot Seat

Richard Wagner
May 1, 2004

In this news article by Carolina Journal editor Richard Wagner, he details the problems with state environmental regulations vis-a-vis state regulations and federal regulations:  some

Solving the Medicaid Puzzle: Strategies for State Entitlement Reform

John Hood
October 1, 1997

Surveying the cost explosion and other problems facing Medicaid, many state and federal lawmakers have turned to managed care as a way to rein in expenses.  This is not surprising.

To Expand Children's Insurance Coverage

John Hood
February 1, 1999

Most people think that America's welfare state is shrinking.  The number of families on cash assistance has been declining for years in most states, dropping by nearly 40% from 199

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