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The Ups and Downs of Reverse Mortgages

Pamela Villarreal
June 11, 2013
The FHA insures reverse mortgages, which provides lenders with a strong incentive to issue them, because they can

The Patriot's Toolbox

October 1, 2010

Rarely have more people in the United States been so deeply concerned about the direction of their country as right now, in 2010.

Crisis of the Uninsured: 2007

Devon Herrick
September 28, 2007

Despite claims that the United States is experiencing a health insurance crisis, the proportion of people without insurance coverage has changed little in recent years.

Convenient Care and Telemedicine

Devon M. Herrick
November 1, 2007

Recent advances in information technology — the hardware and software systems used to record, store, process and transmit data — have created new opportunities for patients and doctors

Health Care for Hurricane Victims

Devon Herrick, Ph.D., and Pamela Villarreal
October 6, 2005

Families displaced by Katrina and Rita should have the opportunity to make their own decisions on how to rebuild their lives, including making their own health care choices.  By gi

Patients’ Right to Choose

Henry I. Miller
October 25, 2005
These are turbulent times for t

Health Care Spending: What the Future Will Look Like

Christian Hagist and Laurence Kotlikoff
June 1, 2006

In this policy document, the authors analyze the debate over health care and costs of care.  European critics of the U.S.

The Case against John Kerry's Health Plan

John C. Goodman and Devon M. Herrick
September 10, 2006

Executive Summary

Shopping for Health Care

John Goodman
March 15, 2006

Will consumers some day be able to shop for health care the way they shop for groceries?  As far fetched as that idea may seem, some believe it will become a reality.  But in

How to Create a Competitive Insurance Market

Devon Herrick
June 15, 2006

Rep. John Shadegg (R-Ariz.) has introduced the Health Care Choice Act (H.R.

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