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In Defense of E-cigarettes

January 2, 2014

He saved his worst ban for last. Former New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg's nanny-state policies have left a trail of damage.

Specialty Drugs and Pharmacies

Devon M. Herrick
May 22, 2014

Patients benefit enormously from safe and effective drug therapies.

The Impact of State Medicaid Expansion in Arizona

Michael Bond, and Stephen T. Parente
December 12, 2013

In this policy paper, the authors review the effect of the ACA on the state of Arizona.

Do Bans on Plastic Grocery Bags Save Cities Money?

H. Sterling Burnett
December 11, 2013

In this policy report, Sterling Burnett wrties that consumers choose plastic bags far more often than paper or reusable bags.

Do Bans on Plastic Grocery Bags Save Cities Money?

December 11, 2013

An examination of the bag bans and budgets for litter collection and waste disposal in San Francisco, San Jose, and the City and County of Los Angeles, Calif.; Washington, D.C.; and Brownsville and

How Differences in the Cost of Living Affect Low-Income Families

Lewis Warne, and Marcelo Ostria
November 12, 2013

In this policy analysis from NCPA, the authors note that in the United States, eligibility for government social benefits is based mainly on an absolute measure of poverty – the federal pover

The Health Exchange Marriage Penalty

Devon Herrick
November 7, 2013

Just as there are penalties in the tax code for couples who get married, financial penalties in the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA) also discourage couples from “tying the knot.” T

ObamaCare Is the Problem, Health Savings Accounts Are the Solution

July 10, 2013

In this issue brief, Peter Ferrara writes that HSAs and similar consumer-directed high deductible plans are spreading across the work force, and demonstrating a powerful capability to control risin

The Ups and Downs of Reverse Mortgages

Pamela Villarreal
June 11, 2013
The FHA insures reverse mortgages, which provides lenders with a strong incentive to issue them, because they can

The Patriot's Toolbox

October 1, 2010

Rarely have more people in the United States been so deeply concerned about the direction of their country as right now, in 2010.

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