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Feds Threaten To Arrest Email Provider for Closing Rather Than Snooping on Customers

J.D. Tuccille
August 19, 2013

In this post at the Hit & Run blog at Reason, the author writes that, 


Randy Barnett: Secret NSA Snooping is "a Fundamental Challenge" to Democracy

Alex Manning
August 19, 2013

This interview on Reason TV notes that "there is a real fundamental challenge to having popular sovereignty if the people can't know that the government is collecting data on them and...confis

Can We Start Talking About the Libertarian *Era* Already?

Nick Gillespie
August 20, 2013

In this posting at Reason, Nick Gillespie accounts for the rising libertarian ideology in modern politics, and makes the case that the libertarian vote will increasingly be important in electoral p

The Leak Scare

Jesse Walker
August 20, 2013

With the recent scandals and leaks about government intrusion into private life, this article at Reason notes that we have reached an era of paranoia:

Boardwalk Violinist vs. City Hall: Challenging Ocean City's Noise Ban

Joshua Swain
August 22, 2013

Reason TV does some original reporting in this piece that notes:

Ocean City, Maryland is known for a bustling boardwalk that's packed with the sights, smells, and sounds of summer.

Seven Surprising Truths about the World

Ronald Bailey
July 15, 2013

In this post at Reason, the author writes that, the incidence of cancer in the United States has been declining for nearly 20 years?

Sallie Mae and Uncle Sam: Cronyism in Higher Education Finance

Scott Piazza, and Victor Nava
July 16, 2013

In this analysis and Policy Brief of higher education at Reason, the authors argue that in the last decade total student loan debt has grown nearly fourfold, from roughly $240 billion in 2003

Obama's Climate Five-Year Plan

Ronald Bailey
June 28, 2013

In this post at Reason, Ronald Bailey examines Obama's implementation of climate regulations.

The Top 5 Lies About Fracking

Ronald Bailey
July 5, 2013

In this posting at Reason, the author notes that Gasland Part II, the sequel to director/activist Josh Fox's earlier anti-fracking docudra

20th Annual Highway Report on the Performance of State Highway Systems

David T. Hartgen, M. Gregory Fields, Elizabeth San José and Adrian Moore
July 2, 2013
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