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Loosening the Federal Straightjacket

Mario Loyola
October 9, 2013

With the 2012 ObamaCare decision in NFIB v.

A Review of the 83rd Session of the Texas Legislature

Texas Public Policy Foundation
June 20, 2013
The regular session of the 83rd Texas Legislature was a mixed bag for fiscal conservatives.

Texas Water Policy Options

Josiah Neeley
March 28, 2013

Ensuring an adequate water supply for Texas’ growing economy and population is vital to maintaining the long term viability of the state.

Setting the Record Straight on Renewable Energy Subsidies

Bill Peacock
March 5, 2013

In the past, because wind (and other renewable sources) is a pollution-free but new way of generating electricity, policymakers decided it should receive subsidies so that it can one day disp

Keeping Texas Competitive: A Legislator’s Guide to the Issues 2013-2014

Bill Peacock and Nancy Druart
October 17, 2012

This guide provides a summary of issues facing Texas and provides policy recommendations to help resolve them.

The Cost of the Production Tax Credit and Renewable Energy Subsidies in Texas

Bill Peacock, Josiah Neeley
November 14, 2012

At a bare minimum, renewable energy subsidies in Texas run on average about $1.3 billion a year, with the Production Tax Credit (PTC) taking up almost half of that cost.

The Margin Tax Debunked: Dispelling Three Common Myths about Texas’ Restructured Business Tax

Lauron Fischer, Talmadge Heflin and James Quintero
November 30, 2011

In 2006, the Texas Legislature—under pressure from a Texas Supreme Court ruling declaring the state’s school finance system unconstitutional—sought changes to the Tax Code that would broaden the ba

The Texas Margin Tax and Its Impact on the State’s Economic Competitiveness

James Quintero, Robert McDowall and Talmadge Heflin
September 18, 2012

The relatively low-tax and limited-regulation policies adopted by the state of Texas have provided it with many economic and commercial advantages over other states, but policymakers and elected of

Reforming Texas' State and Local Pension Systems

Arduin, Laffer & Moore Econometrics
April 26, 2011

Many people still remember Wimpy, from the popular Popeye cartoon, who was always willing topay next Tuesday for a hamburger consumed today.

Legislators Guide to the Issues: Telecom Deregulation

Bill Peacock
September 13, 2010

For most of the last century, cheap and universally available local residential phone service was the primary telecommunications goal of American policymakers.

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