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Nearly half of electric car tax breaks go to state’s wealthiest 10 percent

January 29, 2015

Myers shows that subsidies for green cars amount to welfare for the well-to-do. More than half the subsidies for green car purchases go to the wealthiest 10 percent of the population.

Nearly Half of Electric Car Tax Breaks Go to State’s Wealthiest 10 Percent

January 21, 2015

$15 million tax break does little to increase car sales, yields no environmental benefit

Key Findings
  1. Nearly half of sales tax breaks for electric v

Are EPA and The Army Corps Navigating New Waters With Their Controversial Proposal?

Sarah A. Slack, Catherine M. Basic
November 24, 2014

The United States Environmental Protection Agency and the Army Corps of Engineers jointly published a proposed rule that would redefine “waters of the United States” under the Clean Water Act great

Weatherization Stimulus Programs Fail to Deliver Promised Jobs

October 2, 2014

As has been found across the United States, Washington State's weatherization program has failed to produce jobs.  It is boodoggle wasting taxpayers money.

Focus on Small Business: Job Creators and Job Killers

Erin Shannon
July 12, 2013

In this report on major bills from Washington's 2013 Legislative Session, the author finds the points below:

Reviewing the Research on Universal Preschool and All-Day Kindergarten

Liv Finne
November 1, 2007

Some political activists promoting universal preschool programs are attempting to convince legislators, business groups and taxpayers that putting every toddler in a tax-subsidized preschool progra

Eight Principles of Telecommunications Policy

Washington Policy Center
December 1, 2011

Today’s economy relies on information and communication moving rapidly and seamlessly across a wide variety of devices and mediums.

Overview of Initiatives 330 and 336

Paul Guppy
September 1, 2005

In this article about medical malpractice in Washington, voters will consider two ballot initiatives that deal with medical liability reform.

The Failure of Government Central Planning: Washington's Medical Certificate of Need Program

John Barnes
January 1, 2006

Public policy in Washington should focus on assuring access to affordable, high quality health care for all the people of our state.  The Certificate of Need program fails to advan

The How-To Guide to Health Savings Accounts

Liv S. Finne
June 1, 2005

A discussion about the benefits of Health Savings Accounts vs. Employer paid health care coverage, author Liv S. Finne writes;

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