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Passing Grade: Wisconsin has Turned the Corner Economically, but Much Work Remains to Achieve Prosperity

Tom Hefty and John Torinus
May 1, 2014

Although there has been a grudging improvement in Wisconsin’s economic performance since the Great Recession, due in part to a strategic focus on manufacturing, the state will not cr

New Schools And Innovative Delivery

Michael B. Horn, and Meg Evans
May 13, 2013

In this document that examines innovative deliveries for schools, the authors write that the past several decades have seen technology transform industry after industry.

The Economic Impact of Wisconsin’s Renewable Portfolio Standard

David G. Tuerck, Ph.D., Paul Bachman, MSIE, Michael Head, MSEP
March 20, 2013

Law Mandating Use of Renewable Energy Costing Wisconsinites Hundreds of Millions

Health Insurance in Wisconsin: A Survey of Public Opinion

Sammis White, Ph.D
April 1, 2004

In this extensive policy report, the author summarizes the contents by writing, as health care is being researched and debated across the country, we commissioned a study to examine issues involvin

The Medically Uninsured in Milwaukee

Sammis B. White
March 1, 1999

In summary, this article addresses the growing population of the uninsured in Milwaukee, Wisconsin  regardless of the fact that 91.4% of the population in the rest of the state are insured, an

The Economics of Climate Change Proposals in Wisconsin

David G. Tuerck, Ph.D., Paul Bachman, MSIE, Sarah Glassman, MSEP, Michael Head, MSEP
November 1, 2009

Executive Summary

Wisconsin's State Budget Outlook: The Worst is Yet to Come

Richard Chandler
January 1, 2011

Executive Summary

Teacher Licensure in Wisconsin: Who is Protected- Parents or the Education Establishment?

Mark Schug, Ph.D. and Scott Niederjohn, Ph.D.
February 1, 2011

Executive Summary

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