Expert Search

The experts identified here are staff, managing editors, senior fellows, and policy advisors (unpaid volunteers) to The Heartland Institute, as well as persons affiliated with other think tanks who have agreed to be identified as topic area experts for Heartland.

Anthony R. Lupo

Associate Professor of Atmospheric Science, University of Missouri - Columbia

Ying Ma

Author, Attorney

Howard Maccabee

Founding President, Doctors for Disaster Preparedness

Gary MacDougal

Author, former CEO of Mark Controls, former advisor to Illinois governor's office

Tibor R. Machan

Professor Emeritus of Philosophy, Auburn University

Ken Malloy

Executive Director, Center for the Study of Carbon and Energy Markets

Yuri Maltsev

Professor of Economics, Carthage College

Alexei Marcoux

Associate Professor of Business Ethics, Loyola University (Chicago)

Jim Martin

President, 60 Plus Association

Maureen Martin

Senior Fellow, Legal Affairs

Dale Matcheck

Assistant Professor of Economics, Northwood University

Merrill Matthews

Resident Scholar with the Institute for Policy Innovation

John McAdams

Associate Professor of Political Science, Marquette University

Phelim McAleer

Director and Producer, Not Evil Just Wrong

Deirdre McCloskey

Distinguished Professor of Economics, University of Illinois at Chicago

Neal McCluskey

Associate Director, Cato Institute’s Center for Educational Freedom

Michael W. McConnell

Director, Stanford Constitutional Law Center

Ann McElhinney

Director and Producer, Not Evil Just Wrong

Emmett McGroarty

Executive Director, Preserve Innocence Project, American Principles Project

Robert McGuire

Adjunct Research Professor, Economics, University of Akron