Expert Search

The experts identified here are staff, managing editors, senior fellows, and policy advisors (unpaid volunteers) to The Heartland Institute, as well as persons affiliated with other think tanks who have agreed to be identified as topic area experts for Heartland.

Steven Milloy

Portfolio Manager, Free Enterprise Action Fund

Edwin Mills

Emeritus Professor of Real Estate and Finance, Princeton University

Larry Mirel

Former Commissioner of Insurance, Securities and Banking, District of Columbia

Jeffrey Miron

Senior Lecturer and Director of Undergraduate Studies in the Department of Economics, Harvard University

Ferenc Miskolczi

Atmospheric Physicist

Barun Mitra

Founder and Director, Liberty Institute

Lord Christopher Monckton

Chief Policy Advisor, Science and Public Policy Institute

Patrick Moore

Co-founder, chair, and chief scientist, Greenspirit Strategies

Alan Moran

Past Director, Deregulation Unit at the Institute of Public Affairs

Marc Morano

Executive editor and chief correspondent,

Joseph A. Morris

President, The Lincoln Legal Foundation

Julian Morris

Executive Director, International Policy Network

Andrew Morriss

D. Paul Jones, Jr. & Charlene Angelich Jones Chairholder of Law, University of Alabama

Seton Motley

President, Less Government

Robert Murphy

Economist, Institute for Energy Research

Iain Murray

Director of Projects and Analysis/Senior Fellow, Competitive Enterprise Institute

Todd Myers

Environmental Director, Washington Policy Center

D. Brady Nelson

Regulatory Economist and Policy Advisor, The Heartland Institute

Michael Nelson

Professor, Interim Associate Chair, Department of Economics, University of Akron

Michael J. New

Assistant Professor, University of Alabama