John Coleman

Former Meteorologist, KUSI-TV San Diego

"Being a TV weatherman in San Diego is an outrageous scam," says former KUSI NEWS' 6, 10 and 11 PM weathercaster/Meteorologist. Then he laughs. He knows there is plenty of truth in his joke, but he also knows it's a long way from the whole story.

"Actually there is plenty of weather to forecast in San Diego from the morning marine cloud and fog banks to frosty nights and heat waves. There are Pacific winter storms, El Ninos and La Ninas, Santa Anas, SOSA's (Sort Of Santa Anas), WOFs (Walls of Fog) that come ashore following Santa Anas, June Gloom and there are mountain snow storms and summer heat waves. There are droughts and floods. We have plenty of weather. But we also have long spells of wonderful sunny, mild weather. San Diego is famous for our good weather. It's part of what makes this America's Finest City." That is the meteorological monologue that follows John Coleman's scam joke.

Coleman's long television career peaked in the late 1970's as he served as the original weathercaster on the then new ABC network morning program "Good Morning, America". While appearing on ABC, he developed the concept and business plan for the cable network known as The Weather Channel. After a four year search for financial backing, he convinced Landmark Communications to fund the startup. Coleman then served as CEO and President of the business as the pioneering cable service was built and staffed and for first year of the channel's 24 hour, live on-air weather reporting and forecasting which began May 2nd of 1982. Eventually, Landmark forced Coleman out of TWC. Coleman then returned to television weathercasting.

After being a radio announcer during his high school years in Carbondale, Illinois, Coleman started his Television career in 1953 at WCIA in Champaign, Illinois, doing the early evening weather cast and a local bandstand show called At The Hop while he was a student at University of Illinois. After receiving his journalism degree in 1957, he became the weather anchor for WCIA's sister station WMBD-TV in Peoria, Illinois. Coleman was also a weather anchor for KETV in Omaha, WISN-TV in Milwaukee and then WBBM-TV and WLS-TV in Chicago. At WLS, Coleman was teamed with Fahey Flynn, Joel Daly and Bill Frink to form the Eyewitness News team, creating a news brand name and establishing a highly successful new local news format derisively dubbed "happy talk" by a local television columnist. This style of local news has been widely copied. The team dominated Chicago television news ratings for more than a decade. During his time at Chicago's WLS-TV, Coleman was one of Chicago's most popular weathercasters, famous for his amusing and irreverent style. It was then that Coleman became the original weathercaster on Good Morning America. He stayed seven years with this top-rated program anchored by David Hartman and Joan Lunden. Next came the founding of The Weather Channel.

Coleman also spent two and a half high pressure, all work no play years as the founder and first President and CEO of "The Weather Channel", the 24 hour non-stop weather channel on cable.   Everybody said it couldn't be done and almost everybody said no one would watch a full time weather network.  "Getting the weather and television, computer and satellite transmission systems and special local forecast equipment at every cable system going with 1980 technology was a monsterous challange," Coleman says, "but thanks the dedicated work of over a hundred professionals we pulled it off."  And, people do watch.  About 80 percent of cable TV subscripers tune to TWC at least once a day. But alas Coleman was pushed out of TWC by Landmark Communications, his financial backers for the startup.

After leaving TWC, Coleman became weather anchor at WCBS-TV in New York and then at WMAQ-TV in Chicago, before moving to Southern California to join KUSI-TV.

Coleman notes. "My good luck with the timing of my television career is amazing. I started when TV was a almost brand new communications media and enjoyed the explosive growth in viewership and revenues over the next four decades. I watched the technology go from the rudimentary black and white cameras and 16 millimeter black and white film spliced with glue, to video tape, then the color TV revolution and finally the big change to digital High Definition television."

In 2007, Coleman began to speak out as a skeptic on the issue of global warming. He describes the wave of concern about global warming "a fictional, manufactured crisis." "yes, our climate it warming.  It has been for 12,000 years as the last ice age faded into an interglacial period.  As it has warmed, our civilization has flourished. Natural global warming is a very good thing. But as for run away warming as a result of our use of fossil fuels, I think that is a failed theory," he adds. 

Coleman has shared his global warming views on made appearances on CNN, Fox News Channel and on the Showtime program, Penn & Teller. He has explained the bad science and how it lead to the global warming frenzy on dozens of radio talk programs across the nation. Coleman has published a series of articles explaining how the global warming scare developed. In one article entitled "The Amazing Story Behind the Global Warming Scam" he presents the idea that many scientists and politicians have been embroiled in fraudulent activity based on bad science in a continuing quest for funding, and with environmental motives. He also explains the one-world government motive behind the formation of the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.

He says it all began with the research of scientist Roger Revelle at the Scripps Institution of Oceanography. It was Revelle who introduced the concept of global warming to student Al Gore at Harvard University in a population studies glass. Coleman says Revelle's early research also became the cornerstone of the work of a United Nations bureaucrat Maurice Strong who used it to found the United Nation's Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). While Revelle later cautioned his research was not conclusive, Gore and the United Nations IPCC continued the global warming/Climate change campaign and U.S. Government funded global warming research now exceeds 2.7 billion dollars a year. (See Coleman's presentation about Revelle and "How the Global Warming Frenzy Began" at the Ninth International Conference on Climate Change in July 2014.)

In January, 2010, Coleman produced a special report for KUSI-TV, titled  "Global Warming: The Other Side," in which he forwards his view on global warming as a scam-and lays out what he believes to be evidence of a deliberate manipulation of world temperature data by U. S. Commerce Department's National Climate Data Center and the NASA Goddard Institute for Space Science in the United States and the Climate Research Center at the University of East Anglia in England.

Coleman critics point out he has no education in the field of climate change. But he responds that he did extensive study as an associate member of the American Meteorological Society (AMS) for a decade and took correspondence study the old fashioned way, via manila envelopes in the U.S. Mail for four years. Eventually he was tested by a committee of the AMS and then was awarded professional membership in the AMSociety and eventually was the recipient of the AMS Broadcast Meteorologist of the Year award in 1982. He stands firm on his credibility on the topic saying, "I have been forecasting the weather on a daily basis for fifty years and have studied weather and climate daily for the entire period. While I am not qualified to do climate research, I am a highly qualified professional in the field."

Coleman's global warming videos and papers and links to key websites on the topic are available on Coleman's Corner. Click here to go to that webpage.

Coleman was born in the cowboy country amid the hills of west Texas in a small community named Alpine.  He was the fifth child of a college English literature professor and his math teacher wife, Claude and Hazel Coleman. His childhood was spent hiking, chasing antelope, killing rattle snakes and racing tumble weeds with his brothers and neighborhood playmates.

Coleman spent his teenage years in southern Illinois. He started working full time as a radio announcer/disc jockey at his home town radio station in Carbondale, Illinois as a freshman in high school. Then he moved into TV his freshman year in college and had been at it ever since; fifty continuous years in front of the camera. He retired from KUSI in San Diego in 2014.

Coleman was born in 1934 in Alpine, Texas, the fifth child of a college English literature professor and his math teacher wife, Claude and Hazel Coleman. He has two adult children and five grandchildren. He is married to Linda Coleman, and lives in a retirement community in the San Diego neighborhood of Rancho Bernardo.

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“How the Global Warming Frenzy Began” (2014)


“Dead Wrong About Global Warming: How Al Gore Got that Way” (2009)

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