Recent Opeds & Letters to the Editor

Pitfalls of Medicaid Expansion

Medicaid expansion is an expensive endeavor that studies show does not provide better or more-affordable health care.

The Methane Hoax Cranks Up

Having spent decades trying to convince everyone that carbon dioxide (CO2) was a “greenhouse gas” that was going to cause the Earth to heat up, the same environmental charlatans are now embarking o

Checkout Lanes with No Checkers: Another Result of Minimum Wage

So my wife and I are out running errands, and we stop at a big grocery store.

Was Stopping Nevada’s Fracking Rush Behind the Bundy Showdown?

The story of rancher Cliven Bundy has captured an abundance of media attention and attracted supporters from across the West, who relate to the struggle against the federal management of lands.

Enviros tapdance around wind turbines’ bird kills

CHICAGO — When Mother Nature’s supposed greatest defenders call for replacing our reliable, affordable energy sources with unreliable, expensive sources tha

Kathleen Sebelius’s Resignation Hands Republicans A Golden Opportunity

Kathleen Sebelius is resigning, and Rachel Maddow is right to not be happy about it, not one little bit.

Wide Support for Internet Access Tax Moratorium

The Internet Tax Freedom Act of 1998 was designed to promote the growth of the Internet by placing a moratorium on state and local taxation of Internet access and the creation of discriminato

Online Video Competition's Tipping Point Just Tipped

What do Amazon, Verizon, Apple, Google, Microsoft and Yahoo all have in common?

Is the Case for Liberty Too Extreme?

If there is one label more than any other that principled advocates of individual liberty are often stamped with it is that they are “extremists.” How can you be so extreme, it is said, what is wro