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Case Against Climate-Change Alarmism

In “The Case for Climate Change Alarmism,” contributor William Pentland earlier this week called our attention to a paper released by researchers at the Sandia National Laboratory assert

Death of an Entrepreneur

Seldom is the passing of a corporate leader the stuff of front-page headlines and numerous commentaries. Steve Jobs, however, wasn't just any corporate leader.

Sprint Boss’s Statements Undercut DOJ Claims

Like a football quarterback under siege, Sprint CEO Dan Hesse is shouting out some strange audibles.

Reject Longmont Public Wi-Fi Measure

“When will they ever learn?” is a plaintive war protest-song refrain from back in the day, but perhaps it requires a contemporary update in light of Longmont’s ballot initiative to resurrect a muni

Cronyism Is Endemic in Contemporary Politics

“Cronyism.” That word is likely to be thrown around a great deal over the coming months in the Republican primary battle.

Abolish the Department of Education

U.S. Sen. Tom Coburn (R-OK) has produced a masterful 626-page document dissecting federal spending and recommending cuts of about $9 trillion.

Mosquitoes Ignore Global Warming Predictions

Global warming is often predicted to cause a devastating increase in the range and frequency of malaria, but somebody forgot to tell the malarial mosquitoes.

Big Mistake in Court’s Obamacare Ruling

The Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals Sept.

The Global Warming Debate Produces An Indisputable Winner

If there is one thing that has stood out regarding this year’s Republican presidential debates, it’s the inability of media analysts to agree on winners and losers in each debate’s immediate afterm

President’s Third Edujobs Stimulus More Opiates for Addicts

The proposed $60 billion in education funds in President Barack Obama’s $450 billion jobs plan offers schools and teachers false hope and will cause them yet again to structure spending around fant