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International Law Too Easy on Cruise Lines

If even half of them are true, the allegations against the captain of the Costa Concordia--the half-billion-dollar cruise ship currently half-submerged off the Italian coast--ought to boil anyone’s

Simon Cowell for President

OK, I’m not seriously suggesting that, of course. For one thing, he’s not a U.S. citizen.

Map of Ogallalah Aquifer and Extensive Network of Pipelines

At this link is a map (PDF) depicting the underlying Ogallalah Aqui

The Worst Economic Recovery Since The Great Depression

The record of President Obama’s first three years in office is in, and nothing that happens now can go back and change that.  What that record shows is that President Obama, with his throwback

Detroit Public School Reform a Model for the City

Calling Detroit a mess is redundant.

Wisconsin’s Ballot Laws Should Resemble Virginia’s

Republicans attacking Virginia’s presidential primary ballot access laws as discriminatory, too strict and even unconstitutional are agitating for election laws more like those in Wisconsin.

Unemployment Numbers Work

As the federal government’s officially reported unemployment rate has trended downward in the past few months, many on the political right have noted that some of the decline comes from people who

Inside Detroit’s Education Black Hole, a Few Stars of Hope

There’s no surprise in hearing Detroit is a mess.

Be it resolved

This resolution builds on the lessons from Europe this year, where we found out wealth redistribution on massive levels is sustainable, all the way until it isn't.