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Obama's Calculated Deception

How the Obama campaign is trying to deceive you on the economy.

How to Replace Obamacare

A COMMON LIBERAL REFRAIN is that conservatives have no real health care agenda of their own— other than, of course, opposing Obamacare.

A Game-Changing Study Finds Half Of Global Warming Is Fictitious

A reanalysis of U.S. temperature station data shows temperatures are rising only half as much as claimed by the U.S.

Milton Friedman, Father of School Choice

Louisiana's  10,000 kids clamoring for vouchers may never know it, but they owe their school  choice opp

A Century of Milton Friedman

Today marks the 100th anniversary of the birth of Nobel Prize-winning economist Milton Friedman, who played an indispensable role in making the case for market freedom and individual liberty in the

Silver Lining in Teacher Shortage

Most states use teachers and school staff inefficiently. Since 1970, nationwide student enrollments have risen 8.5 percent, but teaching staff has increased more than 90 percent.

Obamacare Decision Foreshadows More State Education Cuts

It will take several years to begin understanding how the Supreme Court’s decision unleashing the 2010 health care dragon will burn through state budgets and make health care more unreachable and u

More Fed Stimulus Means More Failure

“Fed Weighs More Stimulus” read the banner headline at the top of page one of The Wall Street Journal (July 12), raising the question: How can Ben Bernanke and other central bankers who pr

Obama’s logic: a system that ‘allows’ us to thrive can disallow success

Now we know what President Barack Obama really believes.

How President Obama Is Deceiving You On Tax Policy

The central theme of President Obama’s tax policy has been that “the rich” (whatever that is supposed to mean) do not pay their fair share of federal taxes, and the middle class pays more as a resu