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Hillary Clinton Needs A New Global Warming Travel Agent

Hillary Clinton needs a new travel agent.

Was 'Good Science' Really Applied in the Recent Mercury Report Issued by the Florida Department of Environmental Protection?

As a scientist who has spent the past ten years studying the science of mercury (Hg) and the biologically toxic form of mercury, methylmercury (MeHg), I was taken aback by the clear misuse of

Teaching global warming in kindergarten

The Common Core state education standards list what math and language-arts information and skills children should master in each grade.

Romney’s Transition Leader Favors Implementing Obamacare

One of the few Republicans in the country who’s been tirelessly pushing for the implementation of 

Bloomberg’s Coked-Out Nanny State

If New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg gets his way, soon you’ll have to buy your Coca Cola from a guy in an alley.

On Alex Trebek's Jeopardy, Global Warming Skeptics Test Better In Science Than Alarmists

Jeopardy champion: “I’ll take ‘Science’ for $800, Alex.” Alex Trebek: “The answer is, ‘Inferior scientific literacy.’”

Plenty of Nutting

Obama campaign operative Rex Nutting surprised a lot of people with an article on the Wall Street Journal's MarketWatch website claiming that the "Obama Spending Binge Never Happened.

Seven Protest Hints For The Global Warming Alarmists of the World

How does a person distinguish between media-driven propaganda and what is happening in the real world?

Government’s NFIP Harms Puget Sound

Puget Sound plays a vital role in Washington’s economy.