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Thinking Small in Regulatory Reform

If nothing else, House Majority Leader Eric Cantor thinks big.

The Government Should Let the AT&T Merger Go Forward

Last week, the White House commanded the Department of Justice to scuttle a deal that would’ve combined two wireless carriers — fourth-place T-Mobile and second-place AT&T — and catapulted the

Obama Hints at New Mortgage Refinance Program; Expect More Failure

President Obama apparently has noticed home mortgage interest rates are at or near record lows.

Let Peak-Road Pricing Regulate Illinois Tollway

Letter to the editor sent to the Chicago Tribune on September 1, 2011:

Uncle Warren’s Demands for Uncle Sam to Raise Taxes Ring Hollow

Avuncular billionaire investor Warren Buffett on Monday wrote a screed in The New York Times in which he calls for higher taxes on the wealthy because they pay so little in comparison to t

Parents Know Best How to Fix Schools

As moms and dads across America enter the education reform arena by the thousands through parent unions, capitol demonstrations, and expanded school-choice measures, some defenders of the current s

Editorials shouldn't focus on beliefs

Published in the Richmond Times-Disptach, August 31, 2011 Editor, Times-Dispatch: 

Texas and Massachusetts: A Health Care Contrast

As the 2012 Republican presidential nomination race heats up, there are many readily apparent contrasts between former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney and the nation’s longest-serving governor,

A Warmer Planet Is a More Peaceful Planet

A new report published August 24 by Nature magazine claims "global climate is a major factor in organized patterns of violence" around the world.

FDA Poses Far More Danger than Dietary Supplements

With the nation’s pharmaceutical market already suffocated by the heavy-handed government regulations of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), Sen.