Recent Opeds & Letters to the Editor

Payroll Tax Cut Another Cynical Vote-Buying Gesture

When the federal government’s accumulated debt already tops $15.4 trillion, another $101 billion this year may not sound like much.

Democrats Should Stop Protesting and Start Communicating

We may never know exactly what happened between Wisconsin Supreme Court justices David Prosser and Ann Walsh Bradley on that infamous day in June in Bradley’s office.

Clever Words Sustain the Bloated U. S. Government

Politicians live on words. They are the politician’s true currency.

Allow Tennessee Teachers to Embrace Scientific Controversies

Tennesseans have been subject to scads of misleading rhetoric about the state’s new academic freedom law for science teachers, largely from outside organizations hoping to construct a national warn

Obama Hints at New Mortgage Refinance Program; Expect More Failure

President Obama apparently has noticed home mortgage interest rates are at or near record lows.

Heartland Institute Insurance Experts Comment on Hurricane Irene

Hurricane Irene, the first storm of the 2011 hurricane season to threaten the mainland United States, appears likely to make landfall in the Carolinas sometime in the next few days.

Yellowstone Tragedies

During July 2011, I visited Yellowstone National Park. It was a month of disasters.