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Hawaii Teachers Union Dares Obama Administration to Yank $75 Million Grant

Last week, Hawaii teachers revolted against their union leadership, governor, and the Obama administration by overwhelmingly rejecting a contract containing flimsy merit pay and annual evaluations

Yes, Virginia, Obamacare Is Already Raising Your Insurance Premiums

First as a candidate and then as president, Barack Obama repeatedly promised his administration would “have a health care plan that would save the average family $2,500 on their premiums,” with his

Obama Hints at New Mortgage Refinance Program; Expect More Failure

President Obama apparently has noticed home mortgage interest rates are at or near record lows.

Court Got It Right

The decision by the Appeals Court of Maryland to allow Allstate to stop writing policies along the Atlantic Coast, while unpopular, was done for the right reason ("Court Upholds Hurricane Insurance De

EAS Program a Complete Taxpayer Waste

The Essential Air Service Program, a truly lame-brained government subsidy whose fate played a role in the recent near-shutdown of the Federal Aviation Administration, deserves its place on the choppi