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Chris Casey and Paul Rosenberg: Bitcoin

ITTN - Chris Casey, Managing Director at WindRock Wealth Management, sits down with the founder of Cryptohippie and author, Paul Rosenberg to talk about Bitcoin. Casey and Rosenberg answer all the most frequently asked question regarding the virtual currency. With the increasing popularity of Bitcoin, people are curious about the currency and its potential benefits. However, since its inception, the value of a unit of Bitcoin has varied dramatically. This has caused some to become wary of using the digital currency. Rosenberg addresses those fears and explains that Bitcoin is here to stay for the foreseeable future.

Brian Seasholes: The Endangered Species Act

ECN PODCAST - Brian Seasholes director of the Endangered Species Project at the Reason Foundation discusses the history of the Endangered Species Act, why, by every measure, it has failed to protect species, how the incentives in the act encourage people to destroy habitat in order to discourage threatened or endangered species from taking up residence on their property, the looming expansion of nationwide land use control under the ESA, and how the ESA could be reformed to work better for people and species.

John Berlau: Taxpayers Lose Billions on Auto Bailout

BTN Podcast - Competitive Enterprise Institute senior fellow John Berlau joins The Heartland Institute’s Budget & Tax News managing editor Jesse Hathaway to talk about the U.S. Treasury Department’s recent announcement that the “auto bailout” portion of the Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP) had officially ended with the final repayment of taxpayer-funded loans to Ally Financial, formerly known as GMAC. Berlau offers a brief history of the auto bailout, started by President George W. Bush and continued under President Barack Obama, and explains the consequences affecting taxpayers today.

Jon Haubert: Responsible Energy Development in Colorado

ECN PODCAST - Jon Haubert from the group Coloradans for Responsible Energy Development (CRED) discusses the role that CRED plays in helping the general public understand the process of hydraulic fracturing in a balanced manner that weighs the costs of developing oil and natural gas against the benefits derived from them. Haubert discusses some strategies for communicating the benefits of fracking to a general audience and share successes from Colorado.

Sean Parnell: 2014 in Healthcare and Looking Ahead to 2015

HCN PODCAST - Director of Communications Jim Lakely talks to Managing Editor of Healthcare News and Research Fellow Sean Parnell about the past year in regards to healthcare and the obamacare law. They discuss the failures from the launch of the government healthcare websites to the lackluster enrollment numbers.

Rob Bradley - What is the Biggest Threat to Energy Today?

ECN PODCAST - Rob Bradley, Jr. can be fairly considered one of the leading experts in the nation, if not the world, on energy issues, particularly oil and gas and renewables. Bradley has written seven books including, Edison to Enron: Energy Markets and Political Strategy's and an energy primer (coauthored with Richard Fulmer) Energy: The Master Resource and is the CEO and founder of the Institute for Energy Research, among the nation's leading research institutes on the structure and regulation of energy markets.
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