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Mike Nasi: EPA Clean air Regulations Impact on new and existing power plants

ECN PODCAST - Attorney Mike Nasi, Partner, with the Environmental and Legislative Affairs Group, Jackson-Walker LLP, discusses the impact of certain EPA clean air regulations on new and existing power plants.

Allie Bidwell: Politics in K-12 Education

SRN PODCAST - Allie Bidwell, education reporter for US News and Wold Report discusses her recent article "Common Core Controversy: Is It All Politics?"

Ilya Shapiro: Article V Amendment

BTN PODCAST - Cato Institute constitutional scholar Ilya Shapiro joins Heartland Institute Research Fellow Jesse Hathaway to discuss the mechanics of the Article V Constitutional amendment process, and how a new grassroots effort is taking advantage of these mechanisms to push for sound fiscal policy in Congress.

Kathleen Hartnett White: Fossil Fuels, the Moral Case

ECN PODCAST - Kathleen Hartnett White, Director of the Armstrong Center for Energy & the Environment Texas Public Policy Foundation, dispels the Malthusian myth and argues that we have abundant energy and are foolish if we don't use it to make peoples lives better.

Axel Merk: Monetary Policy by the European Central Bank

FIRE PODCAST - Heartland policy Advisor Chris Casey interviews Axel Merk, noted international currency expert and President of Merk Investments.

Dr. Caleb Rossiter: Is the IPCC Keeping Poor Around the World Impoverished?

ECN PODCAST - Dr. Caleb Rossiter, a progressive/liberal apostate on the climate issued argues that the IPCC work is based in weak statistics and doesn't justify keeping the poor around the world impoverished.
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