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Interview with Steven Hayward, American Enterprise Institute

Heartland's Ben Boychuk and American Enterprise Institute fellow Steven F. Hayward discuss some of the policy implications of California's Prop. 23, which would suspend the state's greenhouse gas law until unemployment falls.

Interview with Tom Tanton, T2 & Associates

Tom Tanton talks with Heartland Senior Fellow James M. Taylor about Prop 23 and its likely effect on California's economy and environment.

Peter Ferrara on "Tax Piracy"

Peter Ferrara says President Obama's tax policies amount to "tax piracy" because of across-the-board tax increases on every major federal tax that could happen January 1 if the president and Congress allow tax cuts that we passed in 2001 and 2003 to expire.

Interview with Heartland Institute Senior Fellow Maureen Martin

Maureen Martin, senior fellow for legal affairs at the Heartland Institute, discusses hot legal topics regarding the environment.

Interview with Hal Herzog

Hal Herzog is the guest this week on the FIRE podcast. Hal, a psychology professor who studies the psychology of human-animal relationships, wrote the excellent book Some We Love, Some We Hate, Some We Eat: Why It's So Hard To Think Straight About Animals. On the podcast he talks with Arin Greenwood about his book - including his thoughts on why cockfighting is more humane than factory farming.

Interview with Jim Lakely, director of communications and co-director of the Center for the Digital Economy for The Heartland Institute

In this week's podcast, Jim Lakely speaks with Bruce Edward Walker, managing editor of InfoTech and Telecom News, about The Heartland Institute's Patriot's Toolbox and the advice it offers to Tea Party participants regarding regulation of the Internet.
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