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Benjamin Domenech: The Future of Obamacare

HCN PODCAST - Heartland's Benjamin Domenech discusses Obamacare and it's future on America Watch with Avik Roy.

Seton Motley: Sponsored Data

ITTN PODCAST - Seton Motley, president of Less-Government and one of the best free-market technology experts in the country, discusses AT&Ts potential new policy of "sponsored data" with Heartland's Jim Lakely.

Brad Voeller: Faster, Less Expensive Alternatives to Traditional College

SRN PODCAST - Back before online education, do it yourself higher ed, and massive open online courses became hip in the world of education, Brad Voeller was encouraging young people to consider alternatives to traditional four-year, on-campus colleges. As we enter crunch time for college applications, Brad joins the podcast to talk about accelerated, custom higher education, and how it has changed in the years since he started doing it. He’s the author of Accelerated Distance Learning, CEO of College Plus, and a father of three.

James M Taylor: Arctic Vortex

ECN Podcast - Heartland Senior Fellow James M. Taylor was recently a guest on 'The Take' with Charles Butler. They discussed the arctic vortex and the environmental movement.

Eugene Kontorovich: Obamacare Waivers

HCN PODCAST - Heartland Institute Policy Advisor Eugene Kontorovich, professor of Law at Northwestern University, was recently a guest on Mcintyre in the Morning. They were discussing how Obama is claiming executive discretion on how Obamacare is administered, including waivers for insurers who can re-up folks for their present insurance plan for another year.

Andrew Kern: Teaching and The Abolition of Man

SRN PODCAST - Andrew Kern, founder and president of the CIRCE Institute, joins the podcast to discuss classical education and its continued growth, how to teach teachers classically, and one of his favorite books for teachers, C.S. Lewis’s The Abolition of Man. He explains some of the book’s major points, which include how society is tending towards erasing humanity by attempting to control it and how many modern schools attempt not to instruct children in truth and virtue but condition them according to the desires of central planners. The CIRCE Institute teaches people how to conduct classical education. We also mention Kern’s book, Classical Education: The Movement Sweeping America.
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