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James Taylor: "Fair Fight" on Global Warming

ECN PODCAST - James M. Taylor, Heartland Institute Senior Fellow for environment and energy policy, was a guest on the John Williams Show on WCCO-AM in Minneapolis. In a segment WIlliams calls "Fair Fight," Taylor faced off against Dan Lashof of the well-funded, left-wing National Resources Defense Council.

Andy Smarick: School Choice for Rural Families

SRN PODCAST - Millions of U.S. children live in rural areas, and many of them are poor and academically low-performing, yet education reform efforts have largely ignored them. Andy Smarick of Bellwether Education Partners joins the podcast to talk about the first report of several in a new project to discover ways to give country kids more education opportunities. We discuss cultural and financial concerns over letting kids leave traditional public schools for charters, how policymakers can encourage rural school choice, and what's next for the two-year initiative.

Merrill Matthews: Market-Oriented Healthcare Reforms

HCN PODCAST - Dr. Merrill Matthews discusses his 10 point plan for market-oriented healthcare reform, how changes like this can help the average American and policy proposals in DC that incorporate some of these reforms.

Seton Motley: After the Heinous Farm Bill -- What Next?

BTN PODCAST - Less Government President Seton Motley describes the new $1 trillion farm bill that could become law any day as "heinous" and offers thoughts on what might be done to give the nation a better farm bill next time around.

Ed Ring: Government Employee Compensation 'Is Breaking Our Cities and Counties'

BTN PODCAST - Full-time local government workers outside public safety receive more than $96,000 in pay and benefits in Redondo Beach, Calif., a level of compensation that is typical in cities along much of the California coast, says Ed Ring of UnionWatch.org. Remarkably, full-time firefighters in the city average more than $220,000 in pay and benefits. "It's breaking our cities and counties in California, and it's going to happen in the rest of the country if it hasn't already," says Ring.

Yaron Brook: The Principles of Liberty - Part 2

FIRE PODCAST - Yaron Brook, president of the Ayn Rand Institute discusses the Ayn Rand Institute's outreach to high school and college youth, how to make moral arguments for smaller government and individual liberty, "income inequality," and much more. This is part two.
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