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Craig Idso and Willie Soon: Climate Change Reconsidered II - Part 1

ECN PODCAST - In this best of Podcast, we revisit The Heartland Institute's September 17th release of Climate Change Reconsidered II: Physical Science. Later that afternoon, Joseph Bast hosted a podcast featuring Dr. Willie Soon and Dr. Craig Idso, two of the contributors of Climate Change Reconsidered II. This podcast is Part 1.

Jay Lehr: Lack of Appreciation for Agriculture

ECN PODCAST - Heartland Institute Science Director Jay Lahr was a guest on Brownfield News Radio, after delivering a speech at the Iowa Farm Bureau annual meeting in Des Moines. He discussed advancements in agriculture product and the lack of appreciation from the none farming public.

Mary Najjarian: Celebrations and Seasons in Religious Schools

SRN PODCAST - As we enter the holiday season, we once again confront the cornucopia of religious and cultural traditions in the United States, which can be very vibrant in some schools. Mary Najjarian, the principal of Saint John of San Francisco Orthodox Academy, joins the podcast to discuss how and why her private religious school incorporates the unusual Orthodox calendar. She talks about how this practice fits into the school’s beliefs and teaching, how it benefits teachers and students, and her struggles to help families and the school keep their religious traditions when they don’t fit vacation and job schedules.

Steve Stanek: The Federal Budget Deal is Meaningless

BTN PODCAST - Heartland's Steve Stanek and Jim Lakely discuss the new bipartisan two-year budget deal that restores “regular order” to the federal budget and spending process — but accomplishes little else.

Vicki Alger: The Short Story on Common Core

SRN PODCAST - The Independent Women’s Forum has released a new policy brief on national testing and curriculum mandates called Common Core. Joining the podcast to discuss that report is its author, Vicki Alger. Vicki is director of the Women for School Choice project at IWF and a research fellow at the Independent Institute in Oakland, California, where she is completing a book examining the history of the U.S. Department of Education. Vicki discusses the failure of decades of attempts to improve U.S. education using national efforts, how Common Core is a better fit for the industrial age than our own age of diversity and customization, and what is a more promising alternative to one-size-fits-all mandates.

Dr. Chad Mathis: Obamacare and His Run for Congress

HCN PODCAST - Dr. Chad Mathis to discusses his job as a surgeon, how Obamacare will impact the medical profession and his run for Congress in Alabama.
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