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Jessica Sena: How Lower Oil Prices Effect Fracking

ECN PODCAST - Drivers have certainly been pleasantly surprised for the last six months as oil prices have plummeted 50 percent from their highs in September of this year. Motorists are certainly welcoming the relief, and the Department of Energy predicts the average American Household will save $750 dollars this year because of lower oil prices.

Chris Horner: EPA Strategy to Scare the Public

ECN PODCAST - Chris is a lawyer, focusing his litigation efforts on energy and regulatory matters. In addition to being a Heartland policy advisor Chris is a Senior Fellow with the Competitive Enterprise Institute and is the Senior Legal Fellow and the Energy & Environment Legal Institute. Chris has been in multiple long-running legal battles with the U.S. EPA. Most recently via a FOIA request the EPA recent memo’s the EPA begrudgingly released memos concerning its strategy to scare the public into taking global warming more seriously. These memos showed that scaremongering concerning polar bears and polar ice caps weren't motivating the public to call for government action, so the EPA decided to erroneously and unjustifiably try and link concerns about children's health and social justice to fears of global warming.

Michael LaFaive: Cigarette Excise Taxes

BTN PODCAST - Michael LaFaive, director of the the Mackinac Center for Public Policy’s Morey Fiscal Policy Initiative, joins Budget & Tax News managing editor Jesse Hathaway to talk about cigarette excise taxes and their effect on consumer behavior. With help from the Tax Foundation, LaFaive examined how states’ taxes drove consumers in all 50 states to purchase cigarettes on the black market.

Tom Tanton: Renewable Portfolio Standards

ECN PODCAST - Energy expert Tom Tanton discusses is Reason Foundation study, Assessing the Costs and Benefits of Renewable Portfolio Standards: A Guide for Policymakers, which found serious flaws federal energy laboratories analysis of the benefits and costs of state renewable energy mandates. He found that the government report understates the costs, and overstates the benefits, while ignoring entirely a whole range of environmental harms wind and solar farms cause. Tanton concludes that each state should reexamine their Renewable Energy Portfolio laws and determine whether the results merit continuing the costly programs.

Heather & Joy: Obama's SOTU and Free Community College

SRN PODCAST - School Reform News Managing Editor Heather Kays speaks to Joy Pullmann, managing editor at The Federalist about the president's State of the Union address. Pullmann talks about a piece she wrote on President Barack Obama's comments on childcare and how she thinks the government should not be involved in the way citizens run their families.

Jesse Hathaway: Taxpayers Lost Billions on Auto-Bailout

BTN PODCAST - On January 6, Heartland Institute Research Fellow Jesse Hathaway joined Genesis Communications Network's Charles Butler to talk about how taxpayers lost billions of dollars on the U.S. Treasury Department's bailout of banks and automobile manufacturing companies several years ago. In December 2014, the Treasury Department announced that Ally Financial - formerly known as GMAC - had repaid its bailout obligations, but taxpayers recouped less money from Chrysler Motors, General Motors, and GMAC than the government had 'invested' in the name of saving the economy.
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