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Jesse Hathaway: Taxpayers Lost Billions on Auto-Bailout

BTN PODCAST - On January 6, Heartland Institute Research Fellow Jesse Hathaway joined Genesis Communications Network's Charles Butler to talk about how taxpayers lost billions of dollars on the U.S. Treasury Department's bailout of banks and automobile manufacturing companies several years ago. In December 2014, the Treasury Department announced that Ally Financial - formerly known as GMAC - had repaid its bailout obligations, but taxpayers recouped less money from Chrysler Motors, General Motors, and GMAC than the government had 'invested' in the name of saving the economy.

Jim Steele: An Environmentalist's Journey to Climate Skepticism

ECN PODCAST - Research Fellow H. Sterling Burnett interviews Jim Steele, ecologist, director emeritus of the Sierra Nevada field campus of San Francisco State University, in today's podcast. Steele is the author of Landscapes & Cycles: An Environmentalist's Journey to Climate Skepticism. In the podcast, Jim discusses how climate alarmism is undermining legitimate conservation goals by misdiagnosing the cause of environmental problems, and by diverting resources away from direct solutions to those problems. He discusses lies that climate alarmists have told concerning moose declines, butterfly and mangrove population expansions, problems with Emperor Penguins and in general how climate alarmism is undermining science as an endeavor in the pursuit of knowledge.

Randal O’Toole: Funding for Highway Construction and Transportation Infrastructure

BTN PODCAST - Cato Institute Senior Fellow Randal O’Toole joins Budget & Tax News managing editor Jesse Hathaway to talk about his work on changing the way the federal government funds highway construction and transportation infrastructure projects. O’Toole explains how the current funding system, based on discretionary grants, is inefficient and wasteful, and proposes a formula-based system.

Lindsay Boyd: Right to Try

HCN PODCAST - Lindsay Boyd, policy director at the Beacon Center of Tennessee, discusses ‘Right to Try’ legislation that has been introduced in Tennessee and elsewhere, and already passed in five states. Under ‘Right to Try,’ patients with a terminal illness are able, with their doctor, obtain medicines that have passed the FDA’s phase one clinical trials for safety but haven’t yet passed phases two and three, which test the efficacy of new drugs.

Chris Casey and Paul Rosenberg: Bitcoin

ITTN - Chris Casey, Managing Director at WindRock Wealth Management, sits down with the founder of Cryptohippie and author, Paul Rosenberg to talk about Bitcoin. Casey and Rosenberg answer all the most frequently asked question regarding the virtual currency. With the increasing popularity of Bitcoin, people are curious about the currency and its potential benefits. However, since its inception, the value of a unit of Bitcoin has varied dramatically. This has caused some to become wary of using the digital currency. Rosenberg addresses those fears and explains that Bitcoin is here to stay for the foreseeable future.

Brian Seasholes: The Endangered Species Act

ECN PODCAST - Brian Seasholes director of the Endangered Species Project at the Reason Foundation discusses the history of the Endangered Species Act, why, by every measure, it has failed to protect species, how the incentives in the act encourage people to destroy habitat in order to discourage threatened or endangered species from taking up residence on their property, the looming expansion of nationwide land use control under the ESA, and how the ESA could be reformed to work better for people and species.
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