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Annabelle Canning: Make Internet Tax Moratorium Permanent

ITTN PODCAST - The Internet has become vital to everyday life for most of us. Since 1998 there has been a federal moratorium blocking state and local taxes on access to the Internet, but that moratorium is set to end later this year. Annabelle Canning of the Internet Tax Freedom Act Coalition discusses the importance of the moratorium and the effort to urge Congress to extend it.

Lenore Ealy: How Big Philanthropy Is Corrupting Education and America

SRN PODCAST - Lenore Ealy says there’s an intellectual crisis in U.S. philanthropy between traditionally American-style giving to neighbors and progressive-style giving that neuters individual action and expands government. In a recent journal article, she discusses this intellectual crisis using Common Core national education mandates as a case study. We also discuss how giving can sometimes harm the people it intends to help, how to know the difference, and how to instead help people help themselves. Dr. Ealy is the executive director of The Philanthropic Enterprise.

Wayne Crews: Ten Thousand Commandments, $1.8 Trillion Cost

BTN PODCAST - Federal regulations take at least $1.8 trillion out of the U.S. economy, according to the newest edition of the Competitive Enterprise Institute's annual Ten Thousand Commandments report. Report author Wayne Crews says the $1.8 trillion figure is a low estimate because many regulatory costs cannot be tracked. Yet Crews says there are some reasons to feel optimistic about the future of regulation.

Isaac Orr: Biofuels Past and Present

ECN PODCAST - Heartland Research Fellow Isaac Orr discusses biofuels and the subsequent subsidies and mandates, past and present.

Brian Fojtik: E-Cigarettes

HCN PODCAST - Brian Fojtik, president of Brownstone Communications, discusses e-cigarettes with Heartland's Jim Lakely in this "best-of" podcast.

Joy Pullmann - Knowing the Truth about the Common Core

SRN PODCAST - The other day research fellow Joy Pullmann was a guest on the Knowing the Truth program on WLFJ in Greenville, South Carolina. She was there to talk about the latest developments in the common core.
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