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Maureen Martin: Wisconsin Court Correct to Uphold Unions Bill

BTN PODCAST - The Wisconsin Supreme Court has overturned a ruling that blocked a bill to restrict the power of government unions to collectively bargain and to give workers the freedom to opt out of government unions. The Heartland Institute's Maureen Martin, who lives in Wisconsin, says the ruling was also a slap at the lower-court judge who intervened before the legislation was made final.

Erik Knutzen: Urban Homestead

FIRE PODCAST - This week's FIRE podcast features urban homesteader Erik Knutzen, who blogs about urban homesteading at Root Simple, and co-wrote The Urban Homestead (Expanded and Revised Edition)

Scott Cleland: Why You Can't Trust Google

ITTN PODCAST - In this weeks podcast, Scott Cleland, chairman, Netcompetition.org, speaks with Bruce Edward Walker.

Bill Evers: Closing the Door on Innovation

SRN PODCAST - Bill Evers, Research Fellow at the Hoover Institute discusses the anti-manifesto: "Closing the Door on Innovation" with School Reform News Managing editor Joy Pullman.

William Shughart: Disaster Relief as Bad Public Policy

BTN PODCAST - Economics Professor William Shughart explains why relying on the federal and state governments to supply disaster relief often does more harm than good to the victims of floods, hurricanes and other natural disasters.

David Schnare: Climate Research in the Public Arena

ECN PODCAST - Dr. David Schnare discusses the University of Virginia's attempts to keep records of important and controversial climate research out of the public arena.
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