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William Shughart: Disaster Relief as Bad Public Policy

BTN PODCAST - Economics Professor William Shughart explains why relying on the federal and state governments to supply disaster relief often does more harm than good to the victims of floods, hurricanes and other natural disasters.

David Schnare: Climate Research in the Public Arena

ECN PODCAST - Dr. David Schnare discusses the University of Virginia's attempts to keep records of important and controversial climate research out of the public arena.

Dr. Michael Sanera: Regulating Local Government

ITTN PODCAST - In this week’s podcast, Dr. Michael Sanera, the John Locke Foundation’s director of Research and Local Government, discusses North Carolina’s new law.

Patrick Cox: Government Accountability

FIRE PODCAST - Patrick Cox, CEO of Tax Masters, is on this week's FIRE podcast to talk with host Arin Greenwood about the Government Accountability Office's recent finding that at least 3700 contractors and nonprofit groups collecting federal stimulus funds

Hadley Heath: challenging Obamacare

HCN PODCAST - Ben Domenech talks with Hadley Heath, a Senior Policy Analyst at the Independent Women’s Forum and HealthCareLawsuits.org.

Republican Health Care Reform

HCN PODCAST - Heartland's Benjamin Domenech walks through assets and challenges of the approaches to health care reform in the current Republican presidential field.
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