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Interview with Ann C. Logue

Ann C. Logue, Out of the Storm News contributor, is on this week's FIRE podcast to talk with host Arin Greenwood about her new book Emerging Markets for Dummies.

Don Berwick Testimony

Benjamin Domenech talks with Rep. Tom Price (R-Georgia) on the impressions of Don Berwick's fractious testimony before the House Ways and Means Committee.

Interview with Bonner Cohen

Nation Center for Public Policy Research Senior Fellow Bonner Cohen explains why hydraulic fracturing technology for natural gas production can secure America's energy prosperity.

Is a College Diploma Really Necessary?

School Reform News Managing Editor Ben Boychuk discusses the economic implications of President Obama's higher education proposals with economist and Heartland policy advisor Richard Vedder.

Florida Decision on Obamacare

Benjamin Domenech talks with David Hogberg of Investor’s Business Daily regarding the Florida decision on Obamacare.

Interview with Bruce Kelly

Financial journalist Bruce Kelly, co-author of the book Financial Serial Killers: Inside the World of Wall Street Money Hustlers, Swindlers, and Con Men, is the guest on this week's podcast, talking with host Arin Greenwood about the world of Ponzi schemes - its perpetrators and victims.
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