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Dan Pilla: 10 Principles of Federal Tax Policy

BTN PODCAST - Dan Pilla, a taxpayer’s rights advocate who has defended countless tax payers against the IRS, discusses the national income tax: how he thinks it is immoral and unconstitutional. Pilla proposes a national retail sales tax, which he believes will be the best model for America as a whole.

Seton Motley: Technical Difficulties of Healthcare.gov

ITTN PODCAST - Jim Lakely and Matthew Glans discuss the disastrous rollout of Obamacare and some of the technical difficulties of Healthcare.gov

Dan Goldhaber: Teachers' Academic Chops Improve

SRN PODCAST - A new study shows that academic qualifications for prospective teachers are on the rise. Study coauthor Dan Goldhaber joins the podcast to discuss his study, why the average teacher has historically had lower-than-average academic skills, why they've improved a bit, and why this all matters for kids. Goldhaber is the director of the Center for Education Data & Research and a professor at the University of Washington.

Mike Stenhouse: Rhode Island Moving Toward Ending Sales Tax

BTN PODCAST - Mike Stenhouse of the Rhode Island Center for Freedom & Prosperity has been working with the state's Democrat-dominated General Assembly to end or sharply reduce the state's sales tax. It's possible Rhode Island could become the nation's first state to end its sales tax, which falls hardest on the poorest families and puts many of the state's businesses at a disadvantage to business in neighboring states. Stenhouse discusses the pleasantly surprising progress that is being made in Rhode Island to cut or end the sales tax.

Victor Skinner: Wisconsin Officials Harass Voucher Schools

SRN PODCAST - The man who runs the nation’s oldest voucher program thinks it should not exist. A new report says Wisconsin’s state superintendent Tony Evers and his Department of Public Instruction deliberately harass and discriminate against voucher schools. Joining the podcast is Victor Skinner, author of the report for Education Action Group News and the Wisconsin Institute for Law and Liberty.

James Taylor: Typhoon Haiyan

ECN PODCAST - Heartland Institute Senior Fellow James Taylor discusses the aftermath of Typhoon Haiyan and the myth that climate change is causing an increase in violent storms. Taylor and host Jim Lakely start off by talking about Susan Brooks Thistlethwaite, former president of the Chicago Theological Seminary, who wrote a bizarre article in the Washington Post claiming Typhoon Haiyan was “evil” and the typhoon was caused by the “moral evil” of fossil fuel consumption and “the moral evil of climate change denial.”
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