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Greg Scandlen: How Mutual Aid Can Protect Families in Times of Trouble

BTN PODCAST - Aid societies used to be prevalent in American life. They promoted civic and moral virtues and provided important financial and insurance benefits to members and their families. Beginning 100 years ago, government began throwing up obstacles to the work of aid societies. Greg Scandlen explains what government has done to shrink the importance of aid societies . . . and the reasons such societies could again rise in importance.

Joseph Bast and Herbert Walberg - Rewards, Chapter 1: The Psychology of Motivation

SRN PODCAST - Joseph Bast and Herbert Walberg discuss Chapter 1 of their new Book "Rewards: How to use rewards to help children learn – and why teachers don’t use them well" with Heartland Senior Fellow George Clowes.

Isaac Orr: Beer and Fracking

ECN PODCAST - Heartland Research Fellow Isaac Orr discusses the hydraulic fracturing, beer, and water quality.

Paul Driessen: The Truth about Fracking

ECN PODCAST - Committee For A Constructive Tomorrow senior policy analyst Paul Driessen explains how fracking is revolutionizing American energy production with minimal environmental impact, in this 'best of' podcast.

Michael LaFaive: 'Prohibition by Price' Drives Cigarette Smuggling

BTN PODAST - It's no coincidence that states with the highest taxes on cigarettes have the highest rates of cigarette smuggling . . . and other crimes related to the trade in cigarettes to avoid high taxes, says Michael LaFaive of the Mackinac Center for Public Policy, in this 'best of' podcast.

Michael Lucci: For First Time Ever, Iowans Earning More Than Illinoisans

BTN PODCAST - Earlier this year the Illinois Policy Institute reported the median income in Texas topped the median income in Illinois. Now comes news that neighboring Iowa has a higher average income, the first time in history that Iowa has topped Illinois. Michael Lucci tells us what's wrong in Illinois, what's right in Illinois' neighboring states, and what Illinois might be able to do about it.
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