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Larry Sand: LA to Pay Teachers to Sit at Home

SRN PODCAST - Los Angeles has made a change to how it will treat teachers under investigation for criminal acts in the classroom or poor job performance. Rather than having to sit around not working in rubber rooms while complaints against them get resolved—which sometimes can take years, during which they collect full pay and benefits—the teachers can now stay at home. To discuss this, Heartland policy advisor Larry Sand joins the podcast. He is the president of the California Teachers Empowerment Network and a retired public school teacher.

Sheldon Richman: 100 Years of the Federal Income Tax

BTN PODCAST - The federal income tax has just turned 100 years old. In this 'best of' podcast, Economic writer and historian Sheldon Richman says even if the Sixteenth Amendment establishing the income tax were repealed, Congress would have the power to impose an income tax.

Hester Peirce: Dodd-Frank: What It Does and Why It's Flawed.

FIRE PODCAST - In this 'best of' podcast, Jim Lakely and Matthew Glans speak with Hester Peirce, senior research fellow at the Mercatus Center at George Mason University about the Dodd-Frank Act, its effects on the economy and her new book, Dodd-Frank: What It Does and Why It's Flawed.

Lyman Stone: Taxes Do Have Impact on Interstate Moves

BTN PODCAST - Michael Mazerov of the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities recently published a big report in which he essentially argues taxes have almost no impact on where people decide to live. Lyman Stone of the Tax Foundation has been publishing a multi-part response showing where the CBPP report is wrong -- and giving policymakers a tool to understand how taxes affect migration and how to talk about the effect.

Isaac Orr: Severance Taxes

ECN PODCAST - Heartland Research Fellow Isaac Orr discusses "severance taxes" in the state of Ohio, with Heartland's Jim Lakely.

Paul Peterson: Poor Kids Aren't the Only Low Performers

SRN PODCAST - A new, apples-to-apples study finds that U.S. students from more affluent, educated families are rapidly falling behind those in other industrialized countries. Joining the podcast to discuss this study is its coauthor Paul Peterson, a professor of government and director of the Program on Education Policy and Governance at Harvard University, and a senior fellow at the Hoover Institution.
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