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Principle 2: Repeal discriminatory taxes and fees on telecom services.

Phone calls and cable services are taxed at two times the rate as clothing, sporting goods, and other household products.

Principle 1: Encourage new investment in telecom services.

New investment in telecom services produces wide-reaching economic benefits.

Ten Principles of Telecom Policy: Introduction

Why do we need principles of telecom policy? First in a series of 12 daily episodes.

CES Episode 6: Interview with Larry Downes

James G. Lakely, managing editor of InfoTech & Telecom News interviews Larry Downes, author and nonresident fellow with the Stanford Law School Center for Internet & Society, at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

CES Episode 5: Early Termination Fees

FCC Commissioners Meredith Atwell Baker, Mignon Clyburn, and Robert McDowell discussed early termination fees (among other things) at the Consumer Electronics Show. James G. Lakely of InfoTech & Telecom News presents their comments -- and a few of his own -- in this podcast.

CES Episode 4: Interview with Bartlett Cleland

Bartlett Cleland, director of the IPI Center for Technology Freedom at the Institute for Policy Innovation in Lewisville, Texas, chats with James G. Lakely of InfoTech & Telecom News while the two were at the Consumer Electronics Show.
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