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Ray Lehmann: Farm Bill Issue Unites Hunters, Fishermen and Environmentalists

FIRE PODCAST - For 30 years, "conservation compliance" in US farm bills has protected lands from erosion and maintained habitats that are vital to migratory waterfowl and other animals and plants. The farm bill now in Congress has provisions that could end up protecting farm incomes without protecting lands, and do it in ways that cost taxpayers even more money than we are already spending to subsidize the agriculture industry. R Street Institute's Ray Lehmann explains.

James Taylor: Emerging Issues Forum

ECN PODCAST - Senior Fellow James Taylor was recently a guest on the Mandy Connell Show on KHOW in Denver Colorado. He was on the show to discuss the then upcoming Emerging Issues Forum. They also talked about global warming, renewable power mandates and fracking.

Jason Bedrick: States Keep School Spending Secret

SRN PODCAST - Á great many states are slow to report what they spend on K-12 education, and when they do, they often don't include everything or make it easy for the public to find, says a new Cato Institute report. Jason Bedrick joins the podcast to discuss school spending, especially the curious polls finding most people think public schools spend half what they really do. It's impossible for people to monitor what governments do with their money if they don't know much about it in the first place, Bedrick says.

Corie Whalen: Government Largely to Blame for 16% Youth Unemployment

BTN PODCAST - "It's the whole governmental system. It's really structured against our generation." So says Corie Whalen of Generation Opportunity, which advocates on behalf of persons ages 18 to 29, who currently have a real unemployment rate that tops 16 percent.

Benjamin Domenech: The Affordable Care Act

HCN PODCAST - Recently, Research Fellow Benjamin Domenech was a guest on Warren Olney's "To the Point" public radio show on KCRW in Los Angeles. Domenech talked about the Affordable Care Act, preparations for the impending roll out, recent delays in the implementation of certain aspects of the law, and the Washington politics surrounding the law, particularly the effort to de-fund Obamacare.

Jeffrey Bell: Federal Reserve Needs Course Change With Leadership Change

FIRE PODCAST - Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke's term expires in early 2014. President Obama is mulling several replacements, none of whom appears likely to steer the Federal Reserve toward sound money and away from boom-and-bust policies, says Jeffrey Bell of the American Principles Project.
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