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Neal McCluskey: Public Schools Increase Social Tension

SRN PODCAST - It’s a common belief that public schools promote civic harmony. But history and research actually indicates the opposite—that public schools increase social tension. This becomes more obvious around the holidays, when the news teems with stories of people squabbling over whether kids can bring Bible verses-laden candy canes to school, how many Christmas carols to allow in pageants, and what to call Christmas break. Neal McCluskey, associate director of the Cato Institute’s Center for Educational Freedom, joins the podcast to explain why forcing everyone to do the same thing makes them angrier. See his National Review Online post on the topic, his 2007 paper, and Cato’s Public Schooling Battle Map.

Scott Cleland: A Modern Vision for the FCC

ITTN PODCAST - Jim Lakely and Matthew Glans discuss Scott Cleland's latest paper "A Modern Vision for the FCC."

Victor Davis Hanson: Educating for a Self-Governing Republic

SRN PODCAST - Victor Davis Hanson is a well-known historian, commentator, and senior fellow at Stanford University’s Hoover Institution. He’s spearheading a new project with Pajamas Media: It’s called the Freedom Academy. The academy is a series of online lectures about Western civilization, American history, and more, accompanied by a book discussion forum curated by well-known writers and thinkers. Hanson discusses the rot within U.S. education, need for an educated populace, and whether there's hope for America given our current crisis and decline.

Benjamin Domenech: Obamacare Doc Shock

HCN PODCAST - Benjamin Domenech talks about the doc shock incoming for those on Obamacare.

Terrence Moore: Common Core's Story Killers

SRN PODCAST - A new book discusses the academic and common-sense case against national curriculum and testing mandates by examining the curriculum this new initiative has engendered, in all its horrors. Dr. Terrence Moore is a professor of history at Hillsdale College, advisor to Hillsdale’s Barney Charter School Initiative, and author of the new book, The Story Killers: A Common Sense Case Against the Common Core. He joins the podcast to discuss his book, why teaching real literature is better prep for jobs and life than informational text, what he's learned from testifying before legislatures on Common Core, and more. Read Moore's columns on TownHall.com.

Mike LaFaive: Illinois Could Become Number One . . . In Cigarette Smuggling

BTN PODCAST - Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel has proposed a 75-cent a pack cigarette tax hike, which would give Chicago the highest cigarette tax in the United States. Mike LaFaive of the Mackinac Center for Public Policy calls the mayor's proposal "prohibition by price" and says if the tax increase is enacted, there will be parallels between cigarette smuggling and liquor smuggling that occurred during the Prohibition era that gave rise to Chicago's most infamous gangster, Al Capone.
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