Policy Studies

No. 18 Weight-Distance Fees For Heavy Trucks: A Market Approach to Highway Pricing

Yale Brozen and Joseph P. Schwieterman
December 10, 1987

No. 25 Deregulation, Privatization, and Air Travel Safety

John Semmens and Dianne Kresich
May 12, 1989

No. 22 Expenditure And Size Efficiencies Of Public School Districts

Herbert J. Walberg and William J. Fowler, Jr.
September 27, 1988

No. 15 Corrections and the Private Sector: A Guide for Public Officals

Judy S. Grant and Diane Carol Bast
May 4, 1987

No. 19 Auto Safety Regulations: Hazardous To Your Health?

John Semmens and Dianne Kresich
January 28, 1988
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