Research and Commentaries

Nicholas Stern’s Faulty Views

Zonia M. Pino
June 1, 2008

Massachusetts Bucking The Trend On State Employees — And Not In A Good Way

August 28, 2008

With 29 states expected to face budget deficits next year, many governors are realizing their state payrolls have swelled well beyond their means.

Reforming Ohio’s Unemployment Fund

Matthew Glans
November 25, 2008

Film Tax Credits: Do They Work?

November 21, 2008

States are increasingly interested in expanding subsidies to the film industry through the use of refundable tax credits and sales tax exemptions.

Credit Default Swaps

Matthew Glans
November 25, 2008

Worker’s Compensation Insurance

Matthew Glans
November 7, 2008

Research & Commentary: What A Smoking Ban Would Mean for Michigan

November 4, 2008

People often support smoking bans in order to be protected from the nuisance of smoking environments in restaurants, bars, casinos, and other businesses.

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